How to transfer an unaccompanied vehicle by ferry?

Find out everything you need to know about the booking process

On this page, we have gathered useful information about unaccompanied vehicles on ferries. Here, for example, you will find details on how you can ship your car without a driver, how Ferryhopper operates in regard to unaccompanied vehicles and how you can book a ferry ticket for an unaccompanied vehicle.

Unaccompanied vehicles - useful information for booking and boarding

The majority of ferry companies operating at Greek destinations provide the option of shipping your vehicle without a driver. The process is easy but you need to follow some basic steps and keep in mind some important details.

  • After booking a ticket for the vehicle, you must make sure that the vehicle arrives at the port well before the ferry departure. The unaccompanied vehicle should enter the ferry's garage before passenger vehicles, in order to exit last (particularly if the vehicle is traveling to the route's final destination).
  • After putting the vehicle in the ferry garage, you must hand the keys to the crew manager and provide the contact details of the person who will pick up the vehicle at the destination (name, ID number, phone number).
  • The ferry crew has the right to refuse boarding a vehicle if it is considered unsafe for the ferry or passengers (e.g. if its cargo is considered hazardous). Please note that if the unaccompanied vehicle arrives late at the port, it might be denied boarding as it may prevent other vehicles from disembarking during the ferry journey.
  • Seasonal discounts do not apply to unaccompanied cars and motorcycles.
  • If you have a loyalty card with Minoan Lines or the Blue Star Seasmiles card you can collect and redeem points on ferry tickets for unaccompanied vehicles.
  • Professional vehicles require cargo approval in advance. For the transport of special cargo, it is necessary to inform the Cargo Department at the ferry company headquarters in advance of the journey.
  • On Adriatic lines (Italy - Greece) there are special agreements for unaccompanied vehicles, trucks and buses. We recommend that you contact the ferry company in advance of the trip for more information about the booking process.

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Vehicles' disembarkation at the port of Kalymnos, Dodecanese. 

How to book ferry tickets for an accompanied vehicle through Ferryhopper

Currently, it is not possible to book ferry tickets for unaccompanied vehicles online. The Ferryhopper customer support team can help you book a ferry ticket for your vehicle via phone or the contact form on our website in the following instances:

  • If a passenger already has a reservation and wants to add a vehicle to it, this vehicle is considered ‘unaccompanied’. If there is a passenger/driver booking for the same date and route on which the vehicle will travel, then we can connect the 2 bookings for the passenger's convenience.
  • If you add a vehicle to an existing reservation, you can pick up the vehicle ticket from the port, our travel agency at 25 Patision Street or other cooperating agencies.

Ferryhopper does not book ferry tickets for unaccompanied vehicles without a driver and without a pre-existing passenger booking for the same route. If you are not traveling and want to send an unaccompanied vehicle on the ferry for collection by another individual at the destination, only the ferry companies can arrange this.

In case you need further assistance with your booking or more information on unaccompanied vehicles, you can contact the Ferryhopper team via the contact form on our website or at +30 2109241453.

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