Grimaldi Lines: new ferry connections to Sardinia from Savona

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If you’re planning a trip to Sardinia this summer, you will be happy to know there are new ferry routes from the port of Savona in northern Italy in 2022!

From mid-May 2022, ferry company Grimaldi Lines is operating 2 new routes departing from the town of Savona to Cagliari and Porto Torres on the island of Sardinia.

Find out more about the new ferries to Sardinia from Savona and get inspired for your next holidays in Italy!

The turquoise waters of Balai beach in Porto Torres

Balai beach, one of the most beautiful coves in Porto Torres

New direct ferry route from Savona to Sardinia by Grimaldi Lines

This year, the Grimaldi group has launched a new ferry connection between Savona and Sardinia. Now travelers can easily reach the ports of Cagliari and Porto Torres from the town of Savona (50km from Genoa).

The connections are active during most of the year, with more frequent crossings to the town of Porto Torres, depending on the period. As for vessels operating on the ferry route, the connection is served by Zeus Palace, which can carry up to 1720 passengers.

Why should I take the ferry to Sardinia from Savona?

Savona is a quiet town located on the Riviera di Ponente, and is also one of the most important cruise ports in Europe. The port of Savona is located in the city center, so it is very convenient for both departing and arriving passengers.

Furthermore, being in the stretch of coast that goes from the well-known seaside resorts of Andora to Varazze, it is easily reachable from northern Italian cities such as Turin or Milan, and even by car from the south of France.

We recommend that you spend a few days in Savona and then take the ferry to Sardinia for the town of Porto Torres or Cagliari (the capital of the island).

Boats at the port of Savona near the city center

Boats at the small port of Savona near the city center

Savona - Sardinia: Grimaldi Lines ferry routes and schedules

With Grimaldi Lines you can now reach both the north and the south of Sardinia by direct ferry from the port of Savona.

If you choose to visit Porto Torres, you will enjoy the beauties of the Asinara Gulf and relax on dream beaches. By choosing Cagliari, you will arrive on the southern coast of the island and immediately breathe the atmosphere of a city with age-old traditions.

Ferry connections from Savona to Porto Torres are active almost all year round. There are 3 connections per week in the low season and up to 6 weekly departures from July to September. As for the Savona - Cagliari route, for now there is 1 connection per week from mid-May to the beginning of July, and from September to December.

The Zeus Palace vessel, which operates the crossings from Savona to the 2 Sardinian ports, offers many services to its passengers, such as restaurants, bars, swimming pool, solarium, shops, and play areas for children. You can also book a cabin for extra comfort, board your vehicle and travel with your pet.

Here is more info on Grimaldi Lines ferry connections to Sardinia from the port of Savona:

Ferry from Savona to Porto Torres

The ferry route from Savona to Porto Torres is active all year round and currently offers crossings from mid-May to December.

During the low season, there are 3 departures per week (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), while in the high season you can travel from Savona to Porto Torres every day except Sunday.

The Savona - Porto Torres ferry route includes departures in the morning, late afternoon and evening depending on the period. Tickets start at €20, but prices tend to rise in the summer months.

As for travel times, the crossings can range from 8.5 to 12 hours depending on the itinerary.

Ferry from Savona to Cagliari

The Savona - Cagliari ferry route operates once a week (on Saturdays) during certain months of the year. The ferry departs from the port of Savona in the late afternoon and the crossing to Cagliari takes approximately 25.5 hours.

As for ticket prices to Cagliari from Savona, fares start from around €22, but cost varies greatly depending on the period.

Cagliari or Porto Torres? Check out our Map of ferries and choose where to go in Italy this year!

Colorful buildings and boats at the port of Cagliari

The colorful port promenade of Cagliari

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