Italy - Croatia ferry routes announced by SNAV for summer 2024

Bookings for the upcoming season are now available!

It’s never too soon to start thinking about summer holidays, especially when you’re planning a trip to one of the most popular destinations of the year: Croatia!

Traveling by ferry between Italy and Croatia is made easier by the Ancona - Split ferry route operated by the ferry company SNAV. If you're planning a trip to Croatia in 2024, you should know that the ferry company SNAV has opened bookings for the new year!

Find out about the schedules and prices, and save money by booking your ferry tickets online in advance!

Kasjuni beach with its turquoise waters and natural surroundings, in Croatia

The stunning Kasjuni beach, just 2 km from Split

SNAV ferries: Ancona - Split 2024

The ferry company SNAV recently announced new ferry connections from Ancona to Split for 2024: from April 24 to October 6, SNAV ferries will run 3-4 ferry connections per week between Italy and Croatia.

Until June and after the peak season months, the ferry to Split will depart Ancona at 19:30 and arrive in Split around 07:00 the next day. However, in July and August, a second connection will be added at 22:00, with an estimated arrival time of 09:00 the following morning.

Fares for Ancona - Split ferries typically start at €29, with seasonal offers available.

Keep in mind that the Ancona-Split ferry trip with SNAV takes approximately 11.5 hours, so booking a cabin is recommended for extra comfort. You can also board your own vehicle and bring your pet on all SNAV ferries.

And if you're wondering what to do in Split, we assure you that there's something for everyone! Split’s squares, colorful markets, idyllic beaches, and millennia of history all come together to create an enchanting mix that will charm anyone.

Split's old town alley with stone houses, in Croatia

A picturesque stone alley in Split's old town

Are you still thinking about it 🤔? Choose your preferred route and book your SNAV 2024 ferry in advance! On our dedicated page, you can also learn more about ferries from Italy to Croatia.