Strong winds affecting ferry itineraries in Greece on September 29th and 30th

Strong winds affecting ferry itineraries in Greece on September 29th and 30th

a bunch of information necessary to cope with bad weather conditions

As reported by the National Meteorological Service of Greece, the extreme weather phenomena of the last few days have reached a pick during the 29th and the 30th of September. An official sailing ban has been issued by Hellenic Coastguard and most of the ferry itineraries will not be operated, because of the wind. All these cancellations cause discomfort to travelers of these days. Specific information on the itineraries are announced by each ferry operator, with most cancellations occurring during midday. Still, however, the scheduled routes can be canceled at the last minute, due to an unexpected change of weather.

What to do in case of ferry trip delay or cancelation due to bad weather?

There is no standard way to handle these situations, but Ferryhopper's team is here to give you some advice and propose you some simple steps to follow, in case of such events. When sailing is prohibited due to extreme weather conditions, we do our best to keep up-to-date and advise everyone who has booked their tickets via Ferryhopper. This means that we are sending e-mails to those who might be affected, and we propose alternative solutions, to help you finally enjoy your trip.

This are the most important tips to remember:

  1. Avoid collecting your paper coupons until the time of the departure. Even though you are eligible for 100% refund, paper coupons should be returned to our offices in order to proceed. This may seem quite old-fashioned but it is a regulation imposed by the ferry operators and the ministry that we cannot bypass.
  2. Get in touch with the Ferryhopper team and ask for advice, as soon as possible. We will help with every different case, by examining the possibility of modifying your travel arrangements accordingly. However, if you are in an islands, the ones having the most updated info on the local weather are the local port authorities.
  3. If there is the option of changing your travel dates, it is advisable to search for an itinerary on the days before the cancellations, as itineraries on the days following the extreme weather conditions might also be affected by the general re-scheduling. 

You can use the comments section below if you have particular questions.