Top 7 Blue Flag beaches in Spain in 2023

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The Blue Flag distinction is one of the most widely recognized awards for beaches and other types of seaside areas. It is granted based on a series of strict requirements in the fields of water quality, safety, accessibility and information display. 

In 2023, Spain is once again the country with the most Blue Flags in the world. There are a total of 729 Blue Flags between beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism boats distributed along the Spanish coast. Keep on reading to find out which are the best Blue Flag beaches in Spain in 2023:

Aerial view of the swimming pools and village of Bajamar in Tenerife.

Saltwater pools by the ocean in Tenerife

What is the Blue Flag?

The Blue Flag is an award given to beaches, marinas or tourism boats to recognize their high environmental and accessibility standards. The criteria for the awarding of this flag are divided into 4 blocks:

Water quality is recurrently measured by taking samples at different points of the beach. Only beaches with excellent water are eligible for this recognition.

The beaches must have informative panels to promote environmental education. In addition, educational activities should be organized to raise awareness of the ecosystems present that can be found as well as any protected areas that may exist.

The environmental management of beaches must be adequate. Therefore, waste must be separated and public toilets must be available.

Beaches must have adequate lifeguards and/or life-saving equipment. Likewise, access must be safe and accessible and urban beaches must also have adapted entrances for people with reduced mobility.

1) Grandes Playas in Fuerteventura

In the north of Fuerteventura, in the municipality of Corralejo, you can find the Grandes Playas beach complex that extends along the coast for more than 9 km. It is surrounded by the biggest dune reserve in the Canary Islands, the Dunas de Corralejo.

You have several beaches to choose from, depending on the type of experience you are looking for. From naturist coves to family friendly spots, in the Grandes Playas complex there is a beach for everyone.

Tip: if you are a water sport lover, here you can surf, windsurf and snorkel.

The cleanliness of its turquoise water, the availability of life guards in many of the beaches, the easy accessibility and the surrounding natural park have given the Grandes Playas the Blue Flag award once again.

Tip: while you are on the island, make the most out of your vacation and take a ferry from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote!

Aerial view of white sand and turquoise water on Fuerteventura

White sand and crystalline waters at the Great Beaches in Fuerteventura

2) Rodas beach in Galicia

The town of Vigo in northern Spain has one of the best hidden gems of the country, the Cíes Archipelago. It comprises 3 islands of incredible beauty that have white sand and crystal blue water as well as lush vegetation, making it a unique landscape.

The Rodas beach that connects 2 of the islands forming a sand atoll was named the best beach in the world by The Guardian. No wonder it also has a Blue Flag to recognize its special landscape and high standards!

3) La Caleta beach in Cádiz

Cádiz is well known for its kilometers of wonderful coast. But La Caleta is a beach like no other! It has 2 beautiful castles and an old fortified promenade with stone bridges where you can go for a stroll. 

It has all of the necessary amenities, making it a perfect spot for families with small children as well as anyone who wants to enjoy its clear waters. This year, the beach has regained the Blue Flag after proving its water is of impeccable quality.

So take your snorkel and go for a swim, enjoy the sun while you lay down or walk to the San Sebastián Castle to see locals jumping from the Puente Canal bridge!

4) Cala Mondragó in Mallorca

This beautiful cove is located inside of the Natural Park of Mondragó, in the southern part of Mallorca. It is completely surrounded by pines and lush vegetation and it has white sand and turquoise waters.

Close to Cala Mondragó, there are 2 other fantastic beaches that are also part of the natural reserve. While you are at the park, you can also visit one of the viewpoints and see the blue from the sea and the green from the trees merging to form a breathtaking landscape.

There is a bar closeby, as well as public toilets available. Bear in mind that you might have to pay a small fee if you want to park your car in the park.

Tip: if you visit Mallorca, take a ferry and go on a day trip to Menorca. The neighboring island also has 3 beaches with the Blue Flag!

Cove in Majorca with turquoise water, white sand and pine trees

Cala Mondragó in Mallorca, famous for its crystalline waters

5) Cala Llenya in Ibiza

Cala Llenya is located in the northeast of Ibiza. It is a small cove with fine white sand and clear water. The cliffs that surround it ensure that the sand in the sea bottom doesn’t get washed away, so the water remains shallow for quite a few meters, making it the perfect beach for families with kids

There are plenty of hotels and apartments in the vicinity, so this cove is perfect for those who want a comfortable vacation without losing any of the environmental standards that the Blue Flag ensures. There is a bar on the beach and there are sunbeds that you can rent for the day.

Tip: there is a famous second-hand market happening a few meters away from the beach every Sunday.

6) Bajamar natural pools in Tenerife

Although this pick is not technically a beach, the Bajamar natural pools are truly worth a visit. They are in the north of the islands of Tenerife, around 20 minutes away from La Laguna by car. There are a total of 3 saltwater pools right by the ocean.

The water is very clean, in fact, if you take your snorkel you can see different types of fish and other marine life. There are public toilets available as well as lifeguards during the day. If the tide is high or the sea is rough, waves make crash with the pools and partially inundate them, so it is recommended to be careful when swimming and keep an eye on children.

Tip: from the pools you can see a beautiful sunset.

7) Bogatell beach in Barcelona

Who said that an urban beach couldnt have a Blue Flag? Bogatell beach is right in the center of Barcelona, in the neighborhood of Poble Nou. It has yellow sand and clear blue water. It has all of the necessary amenities like several public toilets, services for people with reduced mobility, a playground for children or a volleyball area.

Spending the day here is a great way to relax by the sea if you are visiting the busy Barcelona this year. So put your swimsuit on and get ready for a dip in the Mediterranean!

Panoramic view of the Bogatell beach with buildings in the background in Barcelona.

Turquoise waters at the urban beach of Bogatell in Barcelona

Now that you know which are the best Blue Flag beaches in Spain this year, what are you waiting for to start planning your trip? Pack your towel and swimsuit and compare with Ferryhopper the best ferry routes. Download the Ferryhopper App and book your ferry tickets easily!