Spotify playlists for your ferry trip in Greece

Cheesy, traditional and unexpected songs!

So, you’re finally on board the ferry to your dream destination! Everything seems perfect! The sun shines bright, the sea breeze reinvigorates you, seagulls are flying happily overhead, and you’re smiling. But the sea is vast, strong and mysterious.

The wind scatters your playing cards, a seagull flies through the air, it snatches your sandwich and tears the last page of your book. You start panicking, but then you remember!

You have already downloaded Ferryhopper’s music playlists on Spotify. So, put on your headphones, relax, sing to your favorite tunes or dance till your reach the port. Your summer dream continues!

See our Spotify playlists and get ready for the perfect ferry trip!

Songs for your first summer ferry trip

Is that your first escape in 2021? Is it your first time on a ferry? Your first time in Greece? Whatever the occasion, here are some songs you need to know and some others that no one really should know.

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Tracks for breezy nights on the deck

Are you on the night ferry to your favorite Greek island and you’re chilling on the deck? Any idea what would really take your experience to the next level? A jacket. But also, the playlist we created on Spotify for such a situation!

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Music to drown out repetitive ferry announcements

Are you trying to make sense of the repetitive ferry announcements? Are you on the ferry to Santorini and you think you heard the word “Ibiza”? No need to worry, everything is under control! Put on some music and you’ll reach your destination in no time.

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Playlist for going island hop hop hop hop hopping

So, it’s your seventh day on the island and you’ll be leaving soon. By now you should know all alleys, beaches and cocktail bars by heart! So, why don’t you catch the ferry to a neighboring island for more Greek summer experiences? We have the perfect playlist for this ferry trip!

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Watching the sunset on the ferry in Greece

Enjoy the idyllic sunset with some relaxing death metal

Now you’re absolutely ready for your trip! What do you mean you still have no ferry tickets? Why on earth have we been talking about Spotify all that time then?

Find all ferry routes and schedules, compare ferry companies and ferry deals, and book the cheapest ferry tickets on Ferryhopper. Once you do, come back here and download our Spotify playlists on your device.