How to get to Rhodes: the complete guide

The ultimate travel guide to Rhodes

Rhodes is known as the “island of knights” and is one of the biggest islands in Greece. It is located in the Dodecanese and it’s famous for its great cultural wealth and amazing landscapes. Rhodes is ideal for all travelers, couples, families and large groups of all ages, as there are many things to do and see. Find the best travel tips and holiday ideas on our Rhodes travel guide!

As the center of the Dodecanese, the island of Rhodes in Greece is quite easy to reach. Keep reading below and find out how to best travel to Rhodes!

Ferry or Flight to Rhodes?

You can smoothly reach Rhodes by ferry or plane. Even though flights tend to be shorter, traveling by ferry is surely more fun and rewarding.

Read below some of the key benefits of planning a ferry trip to Rhodes:

  • Ferry traveling is more comfortable and the best way to get in the mood for your holidays in the Mediterranean.
  • By taking the ferry to Rhodes, you can bring along your vehicle and explore every corner of the island at your own pace.
  • Traveling by ferry is far more environmentally friendly. Learn more about sustainable ferry travel on Ferryhopper.

The Lindos beach in Rhodes, Greece

The stunning beach in Lindos, Rhodes

How to get to Rhodes from Athens

Getting from Athens to Rhodes is rather easy and convenient, as there are multiple flights and ferry crossings year-round. The ferry connection between Athens and Rhodes is served through the port of Piraeus. 

Ferry from Athens to Rhodes

Piraeus - Rhodes: the ferry route from Piraeus to Rhodes is active all year long with 1-2 daily crossings. The Athens to Rhodes ferry crossing is usually operated by Blue Star Ferries with large conventional vessels. The duration of the journey to visit Rhodes is around 15-22 hr and a standard ferry ticket starts at €45.

Flight from Athens to Rhodes

There are frequent direct flights from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos to the island of Rhodes all year long. The duration of the Athens to Rhodes flight is around 1 hr and the airport is located 20 km from its capital. Keep in mind that you need to pre-book your plane tickets well in advance to find better prices.

Reminder: there are strict luggage policies when it comes to plane trips, as there is a weight limit for your bags.

Alley at the Old Town of Rhodes, Greece

Explore the historic Old Town of Rhodes

How to get from Crete to Rhodes

Direct ferry crossings between Crete and Rhodes are seasonal, as they are available from May to October. There are usually 1-2 weekly ferry connections from Heraklion to Rhodes, served by Aegeon Pelagos and Blue Star Ferries. The Crete - Rhodes ferries travel for about 11 hr on average and the ferry ticket costs approximately €26.

Note: alternatively, you can choose an indirect ferry itinerary, or you can also fly from Heraklion and Rhodes. Usually, there are 3 flights per day that last about 45 min.

How to get to Rhodes from Santorini

Usually, the ferry route between Rhodes and Santorini is active throughout the year. There are 2-3 weekly crossings served by Aegeon Pelagos and Blue Star Ferries, with conventional vessels. The duration of a direct ferry trip ranges from 10.5 to 15.5 hr.

Traveling from Santorini to Rhodes by ferry directly costs around €26-€56. The final cost may vary depending on the duration of the trip and whether you choose an itinerary with intermediate stops.

Note: as of now, there are no direct flights from Santorini to Rhodes. All flights have Athens as an intermediate stop.

How to get from Mykonos to Rhodes

There are only indirect ferry trips from Mykonos to Rhodes for the time being. You can choose Athens, Crete or Santorini as an intermediate stop and then catch a ferry to Rhodes.

Keep in mind that the total time to travel by ferry from Mykonos to Rhodes can be over 1 day. Make sure that you choose the itinerary that best suits your needs.

Clear waters in Mandraki, Rhodes, Greece

Crystal waters in the harbor of Mandraki, Rhodes

Getting to Rhodes from other islands

Rhodes is located in the center of the Dodecanese and is well-connected with other islands of the group. By planning an amazing island-hopping trip to Rhodes, you can visit nearby islands such as Symi, Tilos Kastellorizo and Karpathos. Check our interactive Map of ferries, discover all available options to travel to Rhodes and plan the island-hopping trip of your dreams!

Traveling to Rhodes from abroad

There are direct flights to Rhodes from Europe. For example, you can fly directly from the UK, Italy, Spain, France or Germany. Alternatively, you can travel to Rhodes from Turkey by ferry or plane, as the island is rather close to the south Turkish coast.

Book ferry tickets to Rhodes

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