Day trip to the island of Los Lobos from Fuerteventura

A unique day trip for all!

The island of Los Lobos is located off the coast of Fuerteventura and is an ideal destination for day trips in the Canaries. Uninhabited since 1982, this idyllic location is a nature reserve with relaxing activities for lovers of nature. So, if you want to plan something unique for your holidays in the Canaries, we’ve got you covered!

On Ferryhopper, you can learn more about what to do in Los Lobos in 1 day and how to get there by boat from Fuerteventura.

Wooden platform at the beach of Puertito de Lobos in the Canaries

Refreshing dives at Puertito de Lobos

Exploring the beaches of Los Lobos

As there are frequent boat services from Fuerteventura to Los Lobos, you have plenty of hours to explore the island's unique beaches before your return. Let’s dive into the best beaches in Los Lobos!

The beach of La Concha steals the spotlight in Los Lobos, with its magnificent semi-circular stretch of white sand and clear waters. Due to its morphology, this beach is protected by winds on most days and offers endless tranquility and sunbathing. There are also some parts that are clothing-optional.

Another great swimming spot is Puertito de Lobos, where you can find a small wooden platform for diving into crystal-clear waters! It’s also one of the best locations for lovers of photography!

While exploring Los Lobos on foot, you can also check out the windy swimming spots on the west coast or the stunning beach of Las Lagunitas on the east coast.

Water sports in Los Lobos

If you’re up for a sea adventure, Los Lobos has it all! It’s one of the best islands for surfing in the Canaries, far away from the crowds. Here, down on the west coast, you get to experience the longest wave in the Canaries. This great surfing spot is close to the volcano La Caldera, creating a breathtaking scene.

Now, for a more relaxing sea activity in Los Lobos, you can go snorkeling! Most beaches and swimming spots have plenty of underwater beauty and marine life for you to explore. The unique biodiversity of Los Lobos is guaranteed to steal your heart.

Hiking trail leading to the volcano La Caldera in Los Lobos, Canaries, Spain

Hiking trail with unspoiled surroundings and the volcano La Caldera in the background

Hiking in Los Lobos

The best way to combine it all during your day trip to Los Lobos is by hiking! As it is a nature reserve, there are plenty of marked hiking trails so that you can see the best of Los Lobos while respecting the environment around you.

As soon as you get off the boat from Fuerteventura, we recommend heading to the beach of La Concha and then to the volcano La Caldera. Here, you can admire panoramic views of neighboring islands. Though the climb is not challenging, wearing comfy shoes is recommended.

Then, another great attraction is the lighthouse Punta Martiño which guides ferries between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. To conclude your hiking trail and return to the harbor in time, you can hike through the island's eastern side, get a taste of its swimming spots and return to Fuerteventura more refreshed than ever!

Tips for your day trip to Los Lobos

Here are some tips for your one-day trip to the island of Los Lobos:

  • Make sure to wear comfy shoes and clothes, as the island is full of outdoor activities!
  • The island does not provide much natural shade and there are barely any visitor amenities, so make sure to pack accordingly.
  • Los Lobos is home to many beautiful animals, including the rare sights of dolphins and monk seals. It’s a wonderful experience, but make sure not to interrupt the routine of the wild animals by getting too close.
  • Staying overnight is prohibited, and there is a limited number of tourists allowed every day. You can usually stay in Los Lobos for 4 hours, as long as you get a permit online.

The port of Corralejo in Fuerteventura, Canaries, Spain

The stunning port of Corralejo in Fuerteventura

Traveling to Los Lobos by boat

You can travel to Los Lobos by boat from Fuerteventura. The port of Corralejo is frequently connected to Los Lobos, with the sea journey lasting only 15 minutes! Boat rides are operated by local companies in Fuerteventura, so we recommend contacting the operator of your choice to book your day trip to Los Lobos.

If you’re vacationing in Lanzarote and wish to visit Los Lobos, island hopping in the Canaries is the key! You can catch a ferry from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura every day, as the ports of Playa Blanca and Corralejo are directly connected year-round. The ride lasts 30 minutes, so planning a day trip all the way to Los Lobos is easy and convenient.

To explore all ferry connections between the major islands of the Canaries, check our Map of ferries and book your ferry tickets easily and quickly. Once you get to Fuerteventura, an exciting boat ride to Los Lobos awaits you!