Day trip from Split to Hvar in Croatia

Croatia’s ‘mini Ibiza’ is calling and you must go!

Hvar Island is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from Split and that’s not hard to see why, considering the island’s beautiful beaches, quaint old towns and dramatic coastlines. 

Here, you can find all the information you need for your Split - Hvar ferry trip, as well as our suggestions on what to see and do there in 1 day.

Hvar Town with Saint Mark’s church bell tower

Picturesque view of Hvar Town and its beautiful waterfront promenade

Where is Hvar and how to get there from Split?

Hvar is situated in the Adriatic Sea near the islands of Vis and Korcula. The only means of transportation to this fairly small island is by boat. Getting from Split to Hvar by ferry is easy, convenient and quick!

The Split - Hvar ferry route is active all year round with up to 20 daily connections during the high season, giving you lots of choices for your departure times. There are several ferry companies that operate routes between the two destinations: Kapetan Luka, Jadrolinija and TP Line.

In summer, the earliest ferry departs Split at 07:30, arriving in Hvar at around 08:30, while the latest one leaving Hvar for Split is at 21:00

Useful info: keep in mind that the ferries departing Split for Hvar are passenger-only catamarans. In case you want to travel with your car to Hvar, we recommend taking the Jadrolinija car ferry from Split to the port of Stari Grad (30 minutes by car from Hvar Town).

Sucuraj lighthouse on Hvar’s rocky seashore

The breathtaking location of Sucuraj lighthouse on Hvar island, Croatia

Why should you visit Hvar?

Hvar is not only one of Croatia’s ever-popular and most luxurious seaside destinations, but also its sunniest spot with around 2,800 sunny hours each year. At the first chance of sun, visitors flock to the St Tropez of the Croatian Riviera for its glamorous parties, jaw-dropping beaches, breathtaking scenery, and superb food.

Despite being one of Croatia’s most popular holiday destinations, Hvar managed to hold on to its special tranquil beauty, charming visitors with its quaint old towns, lovely countryside and hidden bays.

What to do in Hvar in 1 day

Whether your dream getaway consists of partying in glamorous waterfront bars sipping cocktails, lounging on the shore or admiring ancient fortresses with stunning Venetian architecture, there’s something for everyone in this paradise. So, are you ready to follow Ferryhopper's one-day itinerary to Hvar? If the answer is yes, then keep scrolling!

1. Explore Hvar Town

Before setting out on an adventure to explore the island, the first thing you should do in Hvar is to explore Hvar Town. This is the island’s hub and busiest destination, and where you will disembark the ferry. 

Spend the morning wandering and exploring Hvar’s charming traffic-free cobblestone streets. There are so many cafes, restaurants and shops to discover in each narrow alley. The main spots in the town that you should definitely visit are the Venetian Loggia and Clock Tower, as well as St Stephen’s Cathedral and St Stephen’s Square - the largest square in the Dalmatia region. Here, you can take a coffee break or grab a delicious bite.

Stone houses with red roofs in Hvar Town, Croatia

Hvar Town’s pretty stone buildings

2. Admire the view from Fortica Fortress

Once you finish wandering around the cute streets of Hvar Town, follow the stairs up the tree-shaded hillside and look for the signs that say “Fortica”. If you’re not up for a 20-30 minute walk, you can also drive to the very top of the historic Spanish Fortress or take a taxi.

For a small fee, you can climb all the way to the very top of the fort, admiring the magnificent views looking down over Hvar and the nearby Pakleni Islands. This is also a great spot to watch the sunset.

View of Hvar’s Fortica Fortress from the sea

The imposing Spanish fortress above Hvar Town and harbor

3. Drive to Hvar’s best beaches and party at its legendary beach bars

Hvar is home to several beautiful beaches. With a day trip though, you will want to stick to those that are relatively close to the town center, such as Dubovica and Malo Zarace.

Pokonji Dol is another wonderful beach with deep-blue waters and a pebbled shore, just a 15-minute drive away from Hvar Town (or a 30-minute walk). It is also dotted with a few restaurants, bars, and facilities, so after a refreshing dip you could sample a few of the island’s exceptional local flavors. Particular seafood specialties to look out for in Hvar include gragada (fish stew). In addition, considering Hvar's reputation as Croatia's premier party town, dancing on tables at the island’s legendary beach bars is a must!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more low-key and peaceful, the island's southern coast has some of Hvar’s most beautiful and isolated coves. It’s also worth knowing that the island has many nude-friendly beaches - these are usually signposted as FKK - free body culture.

Tip: one very popular and fun way to drive around Hvar is in a vintage beetle. This also makes for some awesome photo ops.

The long Dubovica beach with white pebbles and old stone houses

The picturesque Dubovica bay with its old stone houses

4. Visit the lavender fields in Hvar

Another characteristic that can be ascribed to Hvar is its wonderfully beautiful lavender. Most of the island’s lavender fields are located near the village of Velo Grablje, Brusje and along the road from Stari Grad to Hvar. 

The best time to visit the lavender fields in Hvar is in June and July when the lavender is in full bloom. At this time of year, the Adriatic air is filled with the enticing aroma of blooming lavender. In addition, the contrast between the vivid purple of the lavender and the turquoise sea will leave you in awe.

In case you want to get a lovely and unique souvenir from Hvar, the island’s town is home to a number of small lavender gardens and shops selling lavender-based products, including oils, sachets, soaps, cakes, and even ice cream.

Tip: usually, there is a Lavender Festival taking place every year at the end of June in the village of Grablje. It lasts 2 days and gives visitors a chance to learn more about this exceptional product.

A lavender field on Hvar island at sunset

Hvar’s lavender field in the afternoon light

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