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February 25, 2020

The ‘WorldChampion Jet’ takes you from Piraeus to Mykonos in only 2.5 hours!

Traveling to your favourite Greek islands has now become easier, and definitely faster, with the new high-speed ferry by Seajets! With the ‘World Champion Jet’ you can get from Piraeus to Mykonos, Syros, Naxos and Santorini faster than ever!

February 24, 2020

A Ferry(tale) to Santorini 2020

Santorini is perhaps the most famous summer destination in Greece and is located in the southern part of the Cyclades. Travelers from all over the world take the ferry from the ports of Attica to Santorini, as well as choose it as a starting point for island-hopping in the neighboring islands. In this Ferryhopper article, we give you information on the ferry routes to and from Santorini for 2020!

February 21, 2020

Which Greek Island is the best for me?

Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Astypalea, Anafi, Milos, Paros, Ios, Naxos, Corfu, Ikaria, Lesvos...Can't decide which island to visit? Take the quiz and find out the best Greek Island for you!

February 21, 2020

A Ferry(tale) to Paros 2020

Paros is a cosmopolitan island of the Cyclades for all travelers and tastes. Being an ideal summer destination for both holidays and island-hopping around the neighboring islands, Paros is easily accessible by ferry from the ports of Attica, throughout the year. In this article, the Ferryhopper team gives you a short guide for Paros in 2020.

February 21, 2020

A ferry(tale) about getting from Athens to Santorini

What is the best way to travel from Athens to Santorini, ferry or plane? If I want to travel by ferry, should I book my tickets in advance? Answering some of the most frequently asked questions about one of the most popular ferry routes to the Greek islands!

February 20, 2020

4 Tips for Families Traveling by Ferry

Traveling to the Greek Islands by ferry is very common for families visiting Greece every year. The reasons are many, but one should be enough: Ferries are fun! They may also be the only way with over 200 inhabited islands, of which fewer than 40 have airports. In this article, we address 5 topics for families to consider before booking a ferry!