Getting around La Gomera with Fred. Olsen Express

New coast-hopping routes!

Starting 1 July, 2022, ferry company Fred. Olsen Express is resuming its internal ferry routes in La Gomera in the Canaries. The new routes will take passengers between San Sebastián, Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey with fast ferry Benchi Express.

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Fred. Olsen Express’ ferry Benchi Express traveling by the coast of La Gomera

Fred. Olsen Express’ ferry Benchi Express traveling in the Canary archipelago

New Fred. Olsen Express Routes in La Gomera: schedules and tickets

From July to September 2022, Fred. Olsen Express is serving ferry routes between the major port towns of La Gomera: San Sebastián, Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey.

There are 2 daily routes connecting the 3 port towns. The first ferry departs from San Sebastián at 10:45 and the latest ferry departs at 17:20. The trip duration from San Sebastián to Playa Santiago is 30 minutes, while the crossing duration to Valle Gran Rey from Playa Santiago is 40 minutes. The trip from Playa Santiago to San Sebastián de La Gomera lasts around 70 minutes.

The coast-to-coast routes are operated both ways by fast ferry Benchi Express. See all ferry timetables for La Gomera by Fred. Olsen Express below and see how you can explore the island with a single ferry:

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1-day trip in La Gomera with Fred. Olsen Express

Wherever you’re based in the coast of La Gomera, you can catch a Fred. Olsen Express ferry to get around the island with ease. If you’re in San Sebastián de La Gomera, we recommend that you catch the earliest ferry at 10:45 and head to the port town of Playa Santiago.

In Playa Santiago, you can swim at the beautiful town beach or make your way to Playa del Medio, a favorite among travelers who are after relaxation away from the crowds. As for food and drinks, visit the cafes and restaurants at Plaza del Carmen, where locals meet to have fun.

Tip: for golf enthusiasts, the Tecina Golf course is one of the best in the Canary Islands. Golfing with a view to the ocean is an experience not to be missed!

You can take the ferry back to San Sebastián at 16:40 and enjoy a night out in the island capital. If one day is not enough, have a look at our itinerary suggestion below!

Playa Santiago beach in La Gomera from above

The blue waters of the beach at Playa Santiago in La Gomera

Multi-day ferry itinerary in La Gomera

Whether you’re visiting La Gomera for just 3 days or you’re staying on the island for longer, don’t miss out on the beauties of the coastal towns. Traveling with Fred. Olsen Express, you can go on a multi-day trip from/to San Sebastián, Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey.

Starting from San Sebastián, where we recommend you explore the urban and remote volcanic beaches and take it easy at Torre del Conde Park, make your way to Playa Santiago with vessel Benchi Express.

In Playa Santiago, don’t miss the traditional fish restaurants of the promenade and the clothing-optional beaches in the outskirts of the town. Although the fishing village is calm and small, there’s a charm there you will surely feel.

After a full 24 hours in Playa Santiago, catch the ferry to Valle Gran Rey. There’s a morning and early evening crossing, so choose what suits you best. In 40 minutes, you will find yourself in a pretty port town with many beaches and top-quality restaurants. 

Valle Gran Rey is the place to be in La Gomera for beach life. There are beaches for surfing, perfect scuba-diving spots, as well as natural pools such as Charco de la Condesa. Also, don’t forget to head up to Mirador de la Curva del Queso for an amazing view of the town and the Atlantic Ocean.

There’s a ferry back to your starting point in San Sebastián at 08:00 and 15:30. 

People walking across the promenade of Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera

The colorful town of Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera

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