Day trip from Korcula to Lastovo in Croatia

Discover Croatia’s hidden gem!

If you are visiting the famous Korcula Island and want to drop off the radar even just for a few hours, a day trip to Lastovo, one of the remotest islands in Croatia, is a very good idea. Considered a true paradise oasis of the Mediterranean, Lastovo is a genuine heaven for lovers of nature, sailing, good food, and wine. 

Find out all about the ferry connections between Korcula and Lastovo and read our travel tips for the best day trip.

Lastovo Town standing on a steep slope during sunset

Stunning view towards the tumbledown Lastovo Town during sunset

Where is Lastovo and how to get there from Korcula?

Nineteen nautical miles (about 36 km) from Korcula Island, Lastovo is a wild, star-lit island belonging to the central Dalmatian archipelago.

Reaching Lastovo from Korcula Town is very easy! The Korcula - Lastovo ferry route is active all year round with up to 2 daily connections during the high season. There is usually 1 ferry company operating the route: TP-Line. The Korcula - Lastovo crossing takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes, and starting ticket prices range from €6.50 to €9.

Alternatively, if you want to travel from Korcula to Lastovo with your vehicle, Ferryhopper recommends getting to Vela Luka (40 minutes by car from Korcula Town) and catching the Jadrolinija ferry to Lastovo. The Vela Luka - Lastovo crossing is active with up to 4 daily crossings and the journey time is between 55 minutes and 1 hour 45 minutes. Starting ticket prices range from around €4 to €6.

Useful info: the earliest TP-Line ferry departs from Korcula Town at 10:45 arriving in Lastovo at 11:55, while the earliest Jadrolinija ferry departs from Vela Luka at 09:00, with an estimated arrival in Lastovo at 10:45.

Why should you visit Lastovo?

Lastovo is one of the remotest and most unspoiled islands in the Adriatic Sea, home to a protected Nature Park. It is, therefore, ideal for anyone seeking peace and quiet close to the sea and nature. This is, in fact, the best opportunity for you to discover pomalo - Croatian for taking it easy. 

You'll be rewarded with lush forests, a stunning craggy coastline, an incredibly clear sea, and the opportunity to go on long, solitary walks with nothing but the sound of birds and the crashing waves accompanying you.

The Old Town of Lastovo with its church and stone houses

The picturesque Old Town of Lastovo with the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian in the background

What to do on your day in Lastovo

With its 46 small islands, 46 churches and chapels, 46 vineyards, and surrounding sandbanks, Lastovo has something for every taste. Are you ready to follow Ferryhopper's 1-day itinerary to Lastovo?

1. Explore Lastovo village

The ferry from Korcula arrives in Ubli, Lastovo's port. There is not much to see here, so we recommend heading to the island’s main village, located 10 km away from the port. Built on a steep slope, Lastovo Town seems like it has remained in another century and is sure to enchant every history buff and culture lover. Wander among the old stone houses with their iconic red roofs and famous Fumari chimneys, and visit the numerous churches dotted throughout the small village. The main church is known as the Church of St. Cosmas and Damian and is definitely worth visiting.

Tip: climb to the top of Fort Lastovo (also known as Kascel) to get amazing panoramic views over the whole of Lastovo village as well as the sea. You can get here by following the walking trail from the town of Lastovo.

A typical rounded chimney of a stone house on the Croatian island of Lastovo

Close-up view of a fumar (rounded chimney), a distinguishing feature of Lastovo

2. Unwind and go snorkeling at one of the small bays on the island

If it's summer and you dream of taking a cool dip on the beach, it’s your lucky day! Lastovo’s mesmerizing crystal-clear coastline will not fail to amaze you. Approximately 1 km from Lastovo’s center is the very popular Mihajla beach. This is an organized beach with a nice beach bar and a volleyball court, ideal for families with children.

If you desire a more quiet and peaceful escape to the sea, head to Barje, a really tiny and clothing-optional beach with a nice view out to Lastovnjaci and Saplun island. Other options include Uska, a narrow bay perfect for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing, and Ropa, a natural turquoise pool at Zaklopatica bay.

Tip: Zaklopatica is also a foodie heaven, so when you get the munchies, head to one of the excellent local restaurants in the area. Try some of the delicious seafood dishes that Lastovo is known for, such as grilled lobster or lobster pasta.

3. Explore nature by following the island’s well-marked walking trails

On Lastovo, there are over 200 km of walking and hiking trails. One of the most popular trails on the island is the educational trail “Via the present to the past”, a 6.4-km-long hiking trail (about 2 hours) with nature rich in plants and animal species. The trail passes through Aleppo pine and oak trees, olive groves, fields with ponds, vineyards, and olive groves, and ends at Lastovo village. Alternatively, you can stroll along the breathtaking cliffs near Struga lighthouse.

Struga lighthouse surrounded by pine trees

Walking trail leading to the impressive Struga lighthouse

4. Go diving and explore the marine wildlife and shipwrecks

If you’re not really into hiking, diving is another great opportunity to reconnect with nature. The exciting undersea world around the island of Lastovo is rich in flora and fauna, as well as many archeological sites. Here, you might get the chance to spot giant snails, tuna, swordfish, and even dolphins and turtles. 

There are 2 scuba diving centers in Lastovo, one in Pasadur and the other in Zaklopatica, and the most attractive diving sites include Seka Drašan and Struga.

5. Head back to Korcula by ferry

It is now time to return to Korcula after a day full of exploration in Lastovo. The last TP-Line ferry departs from Ubli port at 14:40 arriving in Korcula Town at 15:50, while the last Jadrolinija ferry departs from Lastovo at 19:00, with an estimated arrival in Vela Luka at 20:45.

Tip: if you decide to stay overnight in Lastovo, make sure to star-gaze. The island has, in fact, the most beautiful starry sky in Europe.

People enjoying a swim at a bay with crystal clear waters in Lastovo

An idyllic Lastovo beach with crystal clear waters

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