Explore the best beaches and coves in Menorca

Deep dive into the Menorcan waters

Brace yourselves! Spring is here, summer is just around the corner and we all know what this means. 😉 Time to store your winter clothing collection up in the attic and give way to breezy t-shirts, swimsuits and sunglasses. At the same time, you can let your imagination run wild to the best coves and beaches in Menorca. Let the daydreaming begin!

Sandy beach in Menorca with turquoise waters

Sandy beach in Menorca with turquoise waters

Dream a little dream of Me(norca)

There are more than 120 coves and beaches in Menorca! So, the problem is not dreaming, but waking up. Now you may be wondering: “How am I going to choose the best beaches from so many on offer?”. Well, we’ve got the answer below!

Cala Turqueta

Cala Turqueta is the most famous beach on the island, a true paradise on Earth! Its name comes from the turquoise blue color of its waters. But the color is not the only thing that this beach can offer… 

Turqueta is privileged with an incredible natural environment, surrounded by pine trees and wild nature. It’s an untouched paradise, without tourist industry development, and yet -here comes the best part- also accessible to the public.

Whether you are a young adventurer or wishing to relax family-style, Cala Turqueta is for you. In case you’re not in the mood for reaching the beach on foot, don’t worry. You can always access it comfortably by car. Make your dream come true and visit this unique cove in Menorca!

Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella was born to appear on a postcard or in a Hollywood movie. This secluded beach is the trademark of Menorca: heaven on Earth.

Located about 15 km from Ciutadella and surrounded by vegetation, Cala Macarella's crystal-clear waters and fine golden sand will put a spell on you. One of the good ones, of course!

Tip: they say that if you leave Cala Macarella without visiting her younger sister, Macarelleta, both of them get mad at you, so you know what to do… Or else…😈

The calm and blue waters of Macarella beach

A true paradise: Cala Macarella

Cala Galdana

Welcome to the urban cove! Please, do read on, we assure you that you won’t go crazy from the traffic jam noise on the way to this beach.

When saying that Cala Galdana is an urban cove, we mean that it has the best amenities.

Galdana is the perfect place to rest after a tiring day as it combines the best of the island's rural and urban facets. And, yes, adventure is very good, but sometimes comfort is even better.

Located in the south of Menorca, you can go to Cala Galdana following the road from Ciutadella to Mahón, taking the detour to Santa Galdana, near Ferrerías.

Now, this might seem like a weird tip to you, but when your GPS decides to take a break, these directions will come in handy.

Tip: around Cala Galdana, there are other less well-known coves, but just as charming. 

Es Talaier

Platja des Talaier, as the locals call it, is a cove that’s definitely not an attention seeker! It is located in the south of the island, a few kilometers from Ciutadella.

However, its greatest value lies in its calmness. This humble cove is characterized by a welcoming tranquility.

A haven of peace just a few minutes from the city’s crazy rhythms, it looks like a dream, it feels like a dream, but it is as real as life itself.

The crystal waters of Cala Talaier in Menorca

Tranquility at its best in Cala Talaier 

Cala Morell

Not everything in Menorca is about tourism! In fact, the island is far from mainstream and places like Cala Morell prove it. Cala Morell is a rare gem in the Mediterranean Sea.

Protected, like a fort, by limestone cliffs, this tiny beach is the most elegant of all.

Tip: if you are looking for sun and a refreshing swim, be extra careful! Morell has fine sand and many rocks, a challenging combo for swimmers.

However, Cala Morell offers various possibilities such as snorkeling, walking along the Path of the Horses (Camí de Cavalls), or visiting its famous Necropolis. The term comes from Greek and means the “City of the Dead”. We know, it doesn't sound great, but we promise that you won't be eaten by any zombies.

The Necropolis consists of 14 caves carved out of rock by the first inhabitants of the island, in the pre-Talayotic period. That means the construction dates back to approximately 3,000 BCE.

Cala Trebalúger

Cala Trebalúger is one of the most physically demanding beaches in Menorca. You can only reach it by walking and it does not have any amenities. It’s a challenge in every sense, but you know what they say… Something’s got to give!

Important: we remind you that Cala Trebalúger cannot be reached by walking the Camí de Cavalls (Path of the Horses), so the trip becomes more arduous.

The reward for your effort is a beach of great beauty where the Balearic fauna and flora will be your only companions.

In addition, a torrent that never dries out, and a pine forest will be the best partners when you decide to take shelter in the hottest hours.

Trebalúger is a virgin cove very popular among the locals. This gives it a special and familiar charm, ideal for leaving behind the stress of everyday life.

Son Bou

Son Bou is the longest beach in Menorca, with more than 3km of white, soft sand. Its shallow waters are ideal for our little friends that read this blogpost. But the best of the beach is yet to come, so keep reading!

Son Bou hides multiple faces. The beach is divided into two sides: one more urbanized and familiar, which we have just talked about, and the other, more virgin and less crowded.

If you want to sit at a beach bar to have a drink or release your adrenaline in a water park, here is the place to do it.

On the contrary, if you enjoy a good moment of solitude, long walks and wild places, Son Bou is also made for you.

Son Bou beach in Menorca as seen from afar

Hotels in Son Bou beach in Menorca

Son Saura

Earlier, we praised the humble Cala Es Talaier. Well, a few meters away by foot you can find another cove of hidden beauty. Son Saura is one of the cleanest beaches in all the Balearic Islands, so you should definitely swim here!

Bordering the coast, you can admire the landscape and the boats that visit this beach year after year. Son Saura is divided into two coves: Banyuls and Bellavista.

Bellavista is larger and more crowded than Banyuls. This is due to the posidonia oceanica, the algae that spreads on the sand on this hidden beach.

Cala Algaiarens

Cala Algaiarens, better known as Platges de La Vall, is a combination of two virgin beaches located in the north of Menorca. It’s located in the heart of a special natural zone.

Cala Algaiarens is one of the best-preserved in the Balearic archipelago. Its privileged setting makes it a splendid place for nature lovers.

Tip: this beach does not have any amenities, so you’ll have to bear this in mind when you decide to visit.

If you like new and genuine experiences, we recommend taking a short walk on foot to visit Cala Pilar. It’s easily reached by following the Camí de Cavalls and the 30-minute walk to get there is totally worth it.

Cala Pilar is one of the least known but one of the most beautiful places in Menorca. It’s surrounded by reddish hills and sand that you’ve never seen before. Whether you’ve captured the beach in a photo or not, we’re sure that it’ll remain in your heart and mind forever.

The reddish beach of Cala Pilar

Incredible panoramic view of the reddish Cala Pilar 

Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana (and her dear cousin, Mitjaneta) is another paradise in Menorca! This magnificent cove in the south of Menorca is a gift for the eyes and the soul.

Walking or cycling to Mitjana is one of life's little pleasures. Once you arrive, you’ll find a perfect beach that’s inviting you for swimming.

But Cala Mitjana has also picnic areas under the shade, with benches and wooden tables available. There is nothing better than a good chat with the sound of the sea in the background!

Cala Escorxada

Shh! This cove must remain a secret between you and us…well, and the rest of the Internet. Of all the beaches that we could choose, this one is our favorite. You may wonder why, and the reason is simple: we love it!

The charismatic Cala Escorxada is just a few minutes away from Cala Trebalúger, in the south of Menorca. Stranded in a beautiful bay, this beach knocks out your five senses.

Finding this cove is like a treasure hunt: it’s hard, but it’s even more enjoyable. The road to this cove is part of the Cala Escorxada experience, the ultimate dream of a magical island.

Tip: we recommend going well equipped, with the right shoes and plenty of water and suncream. Enjoy the ride!

Calm waters and few people in Cala Escorxada in Menorca

A calm day at Cala Escorxada in Menorca

 Useful tips for your trip to Menorca

How about you take a look at the following tips before you sail away? Some of them might be of help! 

  • Menorca is small but don’t be fooled. We recommend renting a car or a motorcycle to move around the island. You can also use public transport.
  • Most beaches are accessible on foot. Even if you go by car, you have to walk to the beach. Therefore, we recommend wearing appropriate clothing and shoes. Avoid flip-flops until you step on the sand!
  • The coves of Menorca are not conventional beaches. Many are far from any urban center and have few amenities (if any!). Remember to carry water and snacks.
  • The warm waters of the Mediterranean are the home of jellyfish. Use our trick to avoid them: when the wind blows from the north, swim in the south of the island and vice versa. And watch where you swim!
  • Menorca is a natural paradise thanks to the preservation work of the locals. When you visit its coves, leave only footprints.
  • There are more than 1600 megalithic monuments on the island! Take a look at our Menorca guide and discover all that the island has to offer.