Cookie policy

(updated on 13/07/2023)

1. Scope of the Cookie Policy

The company under the name FERRYHOPPER SA, having its registered office at 147 Thessalonikis Street, 183 46, Moshato, Athens, Greece, with contact info +302102208496, and (hereinafter referred to as “Ferryhopper”, the “Company”, “we”, “us”), ensures respect for your privacy and personal data when you browse the company’s website and application.

By means of this policy, we want to inform you about trackers we use (cookies and other tracking technologies), the information we collect with these and the way we use them in our website (hereinafter referred to as the “website” or the “online platform”) and our mobile application -iOS, Android- (hereinafter referred to as the “app”).

This policy has been or will be translated into various languages. In case of inconsistencies among the various versions, the English version will prevail.

You can be informed in detail about how Ferryhopper handles your personal data by referring to our Privacy Policy.

2. Definition

Trackers, like cookies, are self-installed text files, with short content, which are permissible stored on the computer or other electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, etc.) of the user of an online platform or application. In this way, the platform or application memorizes your actions and preferences (e.g. language, font size and other display preferences) for a period of time, so you don't have to enter those preferences every time you visit the platform or application or when you browse from one page to another. Trackers make websites work or work more efficiently, provide information to website owners and help users navigate a more user-friendly environment. The tables below describe the trackers (mainly cookies) we use and the reasons why we use them.

3. Characteristics of cookies

Cookies are categorized according to the following characteristics:

A. Whether they are “session cookies” or “persistent cookies”. Session cookies are deleted immediately after the end of browsing and/or after the closure of the browser, while persistent cookies remain stored in the user’s terminal device until they reach a defined expiration date or until the user deletes them. Ferryhopper uses both session and persistent cookies for the better management of its website and app.

B. Whether they are “first-party cookies” or “third-party cookies”. First-party cookies refer to cookies set by Ferryhopper, while third-party cookies belong to and are managed by other parties, such as our partners or service providers.

Ferryhopper uses both first-party and third-party cookies.

4. Types and use of cookies from this online platform and application

The trackers we use make it easier for you to purchase services through our online platform and our app (e.g. by reducing the clicks needed to book a ferry ticket), while helping to understand whether you are a user and whether you are logged in your registered account in order to provide you with any additional services. It also facilitates your access to your personal data, as you have the right to automatically see all the transactions you have made using our online platform or application.

The first time you visit or register on our online platform or application, we specifically request that you declare your consent to the use and storage of additional cookies other than those that are absolutely necessary, after informing you via a special banner, which contains brief information described in more detail in this Policy. You can change your preferences on cookies and other trackers easily at any time by visiting the Cookie Settings. Please note that you may need to refresh your page for your settings to take effect. Alternatively, most browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Apple Safari) allow you to control most cookies through their settings. Disabling cookies has the effect that usability information is no longer recorded for you and therefore certain relevant functions of the application will also be disabled.

This online platform and the app use the following types of trackers, mainly cookies:

5. How to manage cookies

If you wish to disable cookies, depending on their specific type, the website may not work properly. Please note that necessary cookies cannot be disabled as they are necessary for the proper functioning of the online platform and the app. For all other categories of cookies used, you can freely choose to use them or not during your first login to the website, while you always retain the opportunity to change your preferences on the use of cookies by visiting the Cookies Settings.

In any case, you can always change your preferences in your browser to receive notifications about the use of cookies or to reject the use of cookies. In this case, if you do not allow the use of cookies for certain services, you may not have further access to them. You can also withdraw your consent to the use of cookies on your computer or other device by following the procedure to delete them from the memory of the browser you use. You can find out more information, depending on your browser, using the following links:

If you wish to learn more about cookies, you can visit or

6. Processing of Personal Data

To learn more about the processing of your personal data and your rights, please read our Privacy Policy.

7. Cookie Policy Updates

Ferryhopper may amend this Cookie Policy from time to time to comply with changes in the legislative framework or to optimize functions and services of the platform and the application. Any updates or modifications will be posted on this website with a date indication to let you know what the most recently updated version is.