Ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu

Tickets, Prices & Schedules

There are up to 30 daily ferry crossings from the port of Virtsu, in mainland Estonia, to the port of Kuivastu, on the Estonian island of Muhu. On Ferryhopper, you can find all info about routes, schedules and prices of ferries to Kuivastu.

Ferry schedules from Virtsu to Kuivastu

Is there a ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu?

The Virtsu - Kuivastu ferry route is available with at least 19 daily crossings all year round. The route is operated by the ferry company TS Laevad.

What’s the ferry schedule from Virtsu to Kuivastu?

As of now, the earliest ferry to Kuivastu usually departs at 05:35 in the morning, arriving at around 06:00. The latest departure from Virtsu is normally scheduled for 00:30, with the ferry arriving in Kuivastu at approximately 00:57.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu?

Virtsu - Kuivastu ferry tickets usually start at around €4. The final ticket cost depends on discounts and offers.


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Ferry Route Info

How long is the ferry ride from Virtsu to Kuivastu?

The ferry trip from Virtsu to Kuivastu lasts around 30 min.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu?

The connections from Virtsu to Kuivastu are usually operated by conventional ferries. The fastest ferry to Kuivastu reaches the port in about 27 min.

What’s the distance between Virtsu and Kuivastu?

The distance between Virtsu and Kuivastu is about 4 nautical miles (around 7.8 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip to Kuivastu from Virtsu

Take a look at some useful tips for your ferry trip to Kuivastu:

  • In the high season, we recommend arriving at the port of Virtsu well in advance to avoid delays. The same applies to ferry trips on weekends.
  • The harbor of Kuivastu is the primary gateway to the biggest Estonian island, Saaremaa. The car ride from Kuivastu harbor to Kuressaare lasts approximately 50 min (76 km).
  • If you purchase a ticket in Virtsu for the bus to Saaremaa, then the ferry ticket is included in the price of the bus ticket. 

Where to take the ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu

Ferries to Kuivastu depart regularly from the port of Virtsu in Lääneranna Parish, Pärnu County, Estonia

Virtsu Port is located 134 km (1 hr 45 min) from Tallinn, Estonia, and 254 km (3.5 hr) from Riga, Latvia. Near the Virtsu port area, you will find many amenities, such as a café, restrooms, parking, an ATM, and even washing and sauna facilities

Am I allowed to travel from Virtsu to Kuivastu?

Yes, it is possible to travel from Virtsu to Kuivastu. Before planning your trip, take a look at the latest updates on Covid-19 and ferry travel in Estonia, including all the documents required for your journey.

Can I travel on the ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu with a car?

Yes, ferries traveling from Virtsu to Kuivastu have car decks, so you can embark your vehicle.

Ferry luggage

There is no official limit to the luggage you can carry on TS Laevad ferries. During your ferry trip from Virtsu to Kuivastu, you can keep your luggage next to you or keep it in your vehicle.


As the trip is pretty short, there are no cabins on the ferry traveling from Virtsu to Kuivastu. 

Pet travel 

You can bring your pet onboard the ferry to Kuivastu from Virtsu. Pets are allowed only in the designated areas of the ferry (unless the pet is in a carrier cage or bag). Keep in mind that bringing a pet into a dining area is not allowed.

Make sure to carry along all the necessary pet documents, tickets and supplies for a smooth trip.

Where can I book cheap ferry tickets from Virtsu to Kuivastu?

Currently, there are no available tickets online on Ferryhopper. However, you can find more information about the ferry from Virtsu to Kuivastu on our Map of ferries, compare prices and schedules, and plan your trip to Estonia easily and quickly!