Ferry from Lipari to Salina

Tickets, Prices & Schedules

Ferries between the Aeolian Islands of Lipari and Salina operate all year round with many daily connections reaching the 2 ports of the island. Find all information you need about the route, compare ferry schedules, companies and prices, and book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper online!

Ferry schedules from Lipari to Santa Marina Salina

Lipari Santa Marina Salina Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 06:30 Last trip: 21:00 Average duration: 51m Price range: 8.32 € - 79.78 €
Santa Marina Salina Lipari Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 05:15 Last trip: 19:30 Average duration: 51m Price range: 8.32 € - 89.78 €

Is there a ferry from Lipari to Salina?

Yes, Lipari is connected to Salina by ferry all year round, with up to around 30 daily crossings from Lipari to Salina’s 2 ports: Santa Marina Salina (east) and Rinella (southwest). The Lipari - Salina connection is operated by Liberty Lines hydrofoils and by Siremar ferries.

What’s the ferry schedule from Lipari to Salina?

The earliest ferry usually departs from Lipari at 06:30 and arrives at the port of Rinella at 07:00. It then continues its course to reach the Santa Marina port at 07:15.

The latest ferry usually leaves the port of Lipari at 23:30 and reaches Santa Marina at 00:15.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from Lipari to Salina?

The Lipari - Salina ferry ticket prices range around €8-€14. The final ticket cost depends on the season, the ferry company, as well as any available offers and discounts.


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Toddlers up to 3-4 years old travel from Lipari to Salina for free. There are also discount tickets for children up to 11 years old and residents of the Aeolian Islands.

Ferry Route Info

How long is the ferry ride from Lipari to Salina?

The Lipari to Salina ferry time ranges from 20 min to around 1.5 hr. The trip duration depends on the company and vessel type (ferry or hydrofoil).

Is there a high-speed ferry from Lipari to Salina?

The connection from Lipari to Salina is also operated by fast hydrofoils. The fastest one takes 20 min to reach the port of Santa Marina.

What's the distance between Lipari and Salina?

The distance between Lipari and Salina is 9 nautical miles (around 16 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip to Salina from Lipari

Here are some travel tips to help you with your trip from Lipari to Salina:

  • When booking ferry tickets to Salina, be careful to choose the exact port of your arrival, as the island has 2 ports. The 2 ports are connected to each other: in just 10 min you can travel by ferry from the port of Santa Marina to that of Rinella and vice versa.
  • If you decide to stay in Salina for a few days, you can also visit the other Aeolian Islands by ferry, such as Vulcano, Panarea or Stromboli!
  • The port of Lipari is also connected by ferry to Sicily (ports of Palermo, Milazzo and Messina), and to the port of Naples.

Where to take the ferry from Lipari to Salina

Ferries and hydrofoils to Salina depart from the Sottomonastero ferry terminal in the port of Lipari. You can find several shops, bars, restaurants, and rental services near the port.

The port area is within walking distance from the historic center and some popular attractions, such as the beautiful castle of Lipari.

Can I travel on the ferry from Lipari to Salina with a car?

Yes, you can board your vehicle on ferries that operate the Lipari - Salina connection, but not on hydrofoils.

However, keep in mind that, from June to August, motor vehicles of non-residents are usually prohibited to circulate in Salina. Read more about the vehicle transport regulations for the islands of Italy.

Ferry luggage

On Siremar ferries, passengers can carry 1 piece of luggage up to 20 kg.

On Liberty Lines, passengers can carry up to 10 kg of hand luggage with maximum dimensions of 60x40x20 cm. Young travelers who are entitled to discount tickets can carry up to 5 kg of luggage.


A few ferries operating the Lipari - Salina route have cabins. Alternatively, deck-passage accommodations are included in the ticket.

Pet travel

You can bring your pet on Lipari - Salina ferries and hydrofoils, as long as you fill out the appropriate information and pay an additional fee.

Small pets must travel in a carrier or cage. As for medium- and large-sized pets, they must wear a muzzle and a leash.

On Siremar ferries there are also special areas on board reserved for passengers with dogs and on-board kennels.

Book cheap ferry tickets from Lipari to Salina

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