Ferry Genoa - Tunis

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You can travel between Genoa in Italy and Tunis in Tunisia all year round. Find updated info, compare ferry timetables, companies and prices, and book your ferry tickets on Ferryhopper online.

Ferry schedules from Genoa to Tunis

Genoa Tunis Trip frequency: 2 days per week First trip: 15:00 Last trip: 18:00 Average duration: 26h 52m Price range: 107.20 € - 343.00 €
Tunis Genoa Trip frequency: 4 days per week First trip: 02:00 Last trip: 23:15 Average duration: 29h 22m Price range: 99.50 € - 305.55 €
Ferry companies GRANDI NAVI VELOCI

Genoa - Tunis ferries, schedules and times

Ferries from Genoa to Tunis are available with up to 6 weekly crossings throughout the year. The ferry companies operating the route are Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) and CTN ferries. 

The Genoa - Tunis ferry crossing is usually overnight. The earliest ferry departs from Genoa at 13:00 and arrives in Tunis at 10:45, while the latest scheduled trip from Genoa is at 22:00, arriving in Tunis at 19:30, the following day.

Tip: keep in mind that ferry schedules may change. Therefore, make sure to check your travel time before your trip.

Ferry tickets, discounts and offers

Genoa - Tunis ferry prices

The Genoa - Tunis ferry price starts at €100. The final price of your tickets for the Genoa - Tunis ferry may vary depending on the type of vessel, seat or cabin type, vehicle selection and available discounts.

Discounts & offers

With CTN and GNV ferries, you can book discount tickets for children aged 4-11 years old. Infants and toddlers up to 3 years old usually can travel from Genoa to Tunis for free.

There are also special discounts for students, large families, and permanent residents. 

As for limited-time offers, you can discover the best deals for the Genoa - Tunis ferry route on Ferryhopper. Bear in mind that, if there are any active offers at the time of your booking, they will be automatically applied.

Book Genoa - Tunis ferry tickets

On Ferryhopper, you can book ferry tickets for the Genoa - Tunis route easily and quickly. Find updated info about ferry schedules and prices on our Map of ferries, compare companies, and book at the same prices as ferry companies!

Useful FAQs about the ferry route

How long is the Genoa - Tunis ferry ride?

The Genoa to Tunis ferry duration ranges from 17 hr 30 min to 27 hr. Also, keep in mind that for the trip from Genoa to Tunis, ferry time depends on the crossing and the weather conditions.

Tip: worried that weather conditions might affect your time of departure? You can see any changes and track your ferry in real time on the Ferryhopper App.

Is there a high-speed ferry between Genoa and Tunis?

The Genoa - Tunis ferry route is operated by conventional ferries. The fastest ferry crossing from Genoa to Tunis lasts approximately 17 hr.

What's the distance between Genoa and Tunis?

The distance between Genoa and Tunis is around 543 nautical miles (around 893 km).

Where do ferries depart from?

Ferries from the port of Genoa to Tunis normally depart from the Calata S. Lazzarino area (Ponte Andrea Doria), located near the port entrance.

As for the Tunis - Genoa ferry, CTN and GNV ferries depart from the Goulette area in the port of Tunis located in the northern part of Tunisia.

Tip: for your Tunis - Genoa ferry trip make sure to arrive on time and have all important documents with you to travel from Tunisia to Italy.

On-board services & facilities

Vehicle transportation

All ferries traveling between Genoa and Tunis have car decks for vehicle transportation, so you can bring your car or motorbike on board.

Make sure you book your ferry tickets for vehicle transportation in advance, as they usually sell out fast during the high season.

Ferry luggage

On GNV and CTN ferries, there is no weight limit on luggage. On the ferry from Genoa to Tunis, you can carry up to 2 pieces of luggage. The ferries also have lockers that are accessible throughout the journey.

Cabins and seating

The ferries traveling from Genoa to Tunis have cabins, as well as numbered seats.

Pet travel

All pets are welcome on Genoa - Tunis ferries. Remember to register your pet when booking your tickets.

However, pets are allowed on the external decks of the ferry and specially designated areas. You can also book a pet cabin to travel in comfort to Tunis from Italy.

Make sure to carry along your pet’s ID, health certificates, tickets, and any supplies you may need for the Genoa to Tunisia ferry trip.

Extra tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip

Here are some useful tips for your ferry trip:

  • We recommend that you arrive at the port of Genoa at least 90 min before your ferry trip, especially if you are traveling with your vehicle. 
  • Before taking the ferry from Genoa to Tunis, you should make sure that you carry your passport with you.
  • For such long journeys, we recommend booking a cabin or a pet cabin if you're traveling with your pet.
  • Alternatively, you can travel from Palermo to Tunis by ferry or take the Salerno - Tunis ferry crossing

About Genoa

Genoa is Italy's largest seaport and one of the most beautiful cities. Find all the info you need about the port in our Genoa travel guide.

About Tunis

Tunis is the capital and largest city of Tunisia. Full of modern amenities and exciting sightseeing options, like the Lake of Tunis, there are plenty of things to do and see there, whether you’re vacationing in Tunis or simply waiting for your ferry. So, find all ferries from/to Tunis and explore the magnificent medieval medina of the city.