Ferry Málaga - Melilla

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There are numerous weekly ferry crossings between Málaga and Melilla throughout the year. Read more about the Málaga - Melilla ferry route on Ferryhopper and plan your trip step-by-step.

Ferry schedules from Málaga to Melilla

Málaga Melilla Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 08:00 Last trip: 17:00 Average duration: 6h 52m Price range: 45.51 € - 280.00 €
Melilla Málaga Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 00:30 Last trip: 23:59 Average duration: 7h 11m Price range: 45.51 € - 280.00 €

Málaga - Melilla ferries, schedules and times

There are up to 14 weekly ferry connections between Málaga and Melilla, operated by 2 ferry companies: Baleària and Trasmediterránea.

Important: please note that ferry timetables are subject to change depending on the season. You can find real-time schedules and book ferry tickets online on Ferryhopper. 

The earliest ferry from Málaga to Melilla usually leaves at 08:00, while the last departure is scheduled for 17:00.

On the other hand, Melilla - Málaga ferries normally travel at night, with available departures from 23:15 until 01:45. During the high season, however, there are also occasional departures at around 08:00-08:30.

Ferry tickets, discounts and offers

Málaga - Melilla ferry prices

The price of a Málaga - Melilla ferry ticket starts at around €60. The final ticket cost can be lower or higher depending on the company, available discounts, as well as vehicle and seat selection. 

Discounts & offers

You can find year-round reduced fares for children, toddlers, seniors, large families, and permanent residents when traveling between the ports of Málaga and Melilla.

As for seasonal offers, you can browse and compare all available ferry deals on Ferryhopper in real time. Find the best Málaga - Melilla ferry prices and plan your trip without any hidden fees.

Book Málaga - Melilla ferry tickets

On Ferryhopper, you can book Málaga - Melilla ferry tickets hassle-free. Find all available ferry connections, compare companies, prices and timetables, and plan your ferry trip between the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa!

Useful FAQs about the ferry route

How long is the Málaga - Melilla ferry ride?

The duration of the ferry trip between Málaga and Melilla is around 6-7 hr. Travel time depends on the company and the type of ferry. 

Is there a high-speed ferry between Málaga and Melilla?

The Málaga - Melilla ferry route is primarily operated by conventional ferries that make the crossing in 6-7 hr.

What's the distance between Málaga and Melilla?

The distance between Málaga and Melilla is approximately 112 nautical miles (207 km).

Where do ferries depart from?

Ferries to Melilla depart from the Andalusian port city of Málaga, southern Spain. It’s located right in the city center and is easily accessible by public transport.

Ferries to Málaga, on the other hand, depart from the port of Melilla, located on the north coast of Africa. It is an autonomous Spanish city bordered by Morocco.

On-board services

Vehicle transportation

You can bring along your vehicle on the ferry between Málaga and Melilla, as long as you book your vehicle ticket well in advance.

Ferry luggage

On the ferries of Baleària, you can carry the maximum luggage that you can get on board by yourself, without help and in one go. Málaga - Melilla ferries might also have open luggage trunks in the passenger lounges, where you can leave your luggage during the trip.

With Trasmediterránea, passengers can carry 1 larger piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 60 kg or 4 small pieces of luggage.

Cabins and seating

Ferries traveling between Málaga and Melilla have cabins for a more comfortable trip between the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. You can also book a numbered seat, as an alternative.

Pet travel

On Málaga - Melilla ferries, you can smoothly travel with your pet. Make sure to fill out the appropriate information as you book your tickets.

Keep in mind that pet policies and infrastructures may vary depending on the company you’ve chosen for your Málaga - Melilla trip.

Extra tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip

Here are some travel tips for your ferry trip between Málaga and Melilla: 

  • We recommend you arrive at the port of Málaga or Melilla at least 1.5 hr before your departure, as it can get busy, especially in the summer and on the weekends.
  • For more information regarding trips to/from Spanish ports, check out the ferry schedules for Spain.
  • From Melilla, you can also reach the Moroccan city of Nador, which is also connected to various Spanish ports. Check out all Spain - Morocco ferries in our dedicated article.
  • An alternative way of traveling between the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa by ferry is the Motril - Melilla ferry route. Find out more information here and organize your trip on our interactive Map of ferries.

About Málaga

Lying on the Costa del Sol of the Mediterranean Sea, the Andalusian port of Málaga is a fantastic holiday destination and a convenient getaway to the north coast of Africa.

About Melilla

The breathtaking coastal wonder that is Melilla is located on the northwest coast of Africa. It is a Spanish autonomous city close to the Sahara Desert and right next to Morocco. Discover more about the ferry port of Melilla here, including the best travel tips and recommendations.