Ferry from Corsica to Livorno

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From the French island of Corsica, you can catch a ferry to Livorno in mainland Italy hassle-free. Browse all ferry connections on Ferryhopper and plan your France - Italy trip easily and quickly.

Ferry schedules from Corsica to Livorno

Corsica Livorno Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 07:30 Last trip: 22:30 Average duration: 5h 25m Price range: 20.00 € - 331.00 €
Livorno Corsica Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 07:30 Last trip: 23:00 Average duration: 6h 22m Price range: 16.50 € - 254.00 €

Is there a ferry from Corsica to Livorno?

Yes, the Corsica - Livorno ferry route is available year-round, with the ports of Bastia and L'Île-Rousse as your starting point. The crossings are primarily operated by Corsica Ferries, La Meridionale and Moby Lines

Typically, Corsica Ferries operates on this route all year round, while Moby Lines connections are available from the end of March to early November. La Meridionale is in operation strictly from June to September.

What’s the ferry schedule from Corsica to Livorno

The ferry schedules from Corsica (Bastia and L'Île-Rousse) to Livorno tend to be daily, though their frequency and availability depend on the season. 

In the high season, the earliest ferry to Livorno from Corsica leaves at 07:30 in the morning, arriving at around noon. The last scheduled trip is at 22:15, with the ferry arriving in Livorno the morning after, at 06:15.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from Corsica to Livorno?

The Corsica - Livorno ferry price ranges between €18 and €56, though the final cost may be higher depending on the season, operator and ferry itinerary.


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Toddlers can travel to Livorno from Livorno cost-free. There are also discount tickets for children up to 11-12 years old, as well as Corsica residents.

Ferry Route Info

How long is the ferry ride from Corsica to Livorno?

Ferries from Bastia and L'Île-Rousse in Corsica to Livorno make the crossing in 4.5-8 hr, depending on the itinerary.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Corsica to Livorno?

The Corsica - Livorno ferry route is primarily operated by conventional ferries, with the fastest connection being from Bastia and lasting around 4.5 hr.

What’s the distance between Corsica and Livorno?

The distance between the Corsican port of Bastia and Livorno is 71 nautical miles (approximately 131 km). The distance between L'Île-Rousse and Livorno, on the other hand, is 98.1 nautical miles (about 181.6 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip to Livorno from Corsica

Here are some useful tips for your ferry trip from Corsica to Livorno:

  • Make sure to be at the port of Bastia or L'Île-Rousse in Corsica well in advance to avoid potential delays and/or overcrowding.
  • Browse all France - Italy ferry schedules here and plan an exciting country-hopping adventure.
  • Don’t forget our Livorno travel guide, with local tips and additional ferry info.

Where to take the ferry from Corsica to Livorno

In Corsica, you catch a ferry to Livorno from the ports of Bastia and L'Île-Rousse. The former is located in the north of the island, while the latter is in the northwestern parts. Getting around the island and between the two ports is possible by bus, train or car, with caution on the mountain roads.

Can I travel on the ferry from Corsica to Livorno with a car?

Yes, ferries traveling to Livorno have car decks that allow the transport of motor vehicles. We suggest that you book your vehicles tickets well in advance as they might run out rather quickly.

Ferry luggage

On the ferries of Corsica Ferries, passengers can carry 1 hand luggage item for free with a maximum size of 200x100x50 cm. With Moby Lines and La Meridionale, there are no restrictions when it comes to luggage.


You can find different types of cabins on most ferries traveling to Livorno from Corsica for a more comfortable trip.

Pet travel

When it comes to traveling to Livorno from Corsica (Bastia and L'Île-Rousse) by ferry, you can bring along your pet. Make sure to fill out all the necessary information during the booking process.

Keep in mind that pet amenities and policies may vary depending on the ferry operator. Either way, make sure to bring along any necessary documents, pet tickets and other supplies for a smooth trip.

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