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Ferries between the islands of Capri and Procida run seasonally. Find updated info, compare ferry timetables, companies and prices, and book ferry tickets on Ferryhopper with no hidden fees.

Ferry schedules from Capri to Procida

Capri Procida Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 09:45 Last trip: 16:40 Average duration: 1h 25m Price range: 22.60 € - 26.50 €
Procida Capri Trip frequency: Every day First trip: 10:00 Last trip: 15:40 Average duration: 1h 38m Price range: 19.60 € - 25.50 €
Ferry companies ALILAURO

Ιs there a ferry from Capri to Procida?

Yes, you can travel directly from Capri to Procida thanks to Alicost and Alilauro Gruson ferries, but only in the high-season. The route runs from June to September with 2 daily crossings.

What’s the ferry schedule from Capri to Procida?

The earliest ferry to Procida departs from the port of Capri at 09:45 and arrives on the island at 11:15. The latest departure is scheduled in the afternoon, at 16:40, arriving in Procida at around 18:00.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from Capri to Procida?

Ferry tickets for the Capri - Procida crossing start at around €25.50. Keep in mind that the final cost also includes a €3.50 disembarkation fee for non-residents in Procida. 


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Traveling from Capri to Procida by ferry is easy and comfortable, and you can take advantage of lower-cost ferry tickets thanks to available discounts. Children up to 3 years old travel for free and there are also discounts for those up to 12 years old. Island residents also enjoy discounted fares.

Ferry Route Info

How long is the ferry ride from Capri to Procida?

The Capri - Procida crossing can take 1 hr 20 min or 1 hr 30 min depending on the type of vessel and operator chosen.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Capri to Procida?

Yes, there are high-speed ferries operating on the Capri - Procida route, making the crossing in less than 1.5 hr.

What’s the distance between Capri and Procida?

The distance between Capri and Procida is 15 nautical miles (about 29 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip to Procida from Capri

Here, you can find some useful tips for your ferry trip to Procida:

  • The port of Capri can get quite crowded in the high season. We recommend getting to the port at least 1 hr before travel time to avoid overcrowding.
  • You can find more information and tips about holidays in Procida in our dedicated travel guide.
  • You can also check out our guide to the islands of the Gulf of Naples. Make sure you visit them all!
  • In the winter months Capri and Procida are not directly connected, but you can take the ferry to Procida from Ischia instead.
  • In summer, direct routes to the Amalfi Coast also depart from Capri. How about taking the Capri - Positano ferry to make your vacation even more special?

Where to take the ferry from Capri to Procida

Ferries and hydrofoils to Procida depart from the port of Marina Grande in the north of Capri. You can reach it in a few minutes by taking the funicular from the famous Piazzetta.

Can I travel on the ferry from Procida to Capri?

No, it is not possible to embark vehicles on the Capri - Procida vessels.

However, you don't have to worry: Procida is quite small and is easily explored on foot. Alternatively, you can rent a motorcycle or bicycle (including an electric one).

Also keep in mind that some months of the year on the islands of the Gulf of Naples there are restrictions on the disembarkation and movement of vehicles.

Ferry luggage

Each ferry company from Capri to Procida has its own baggage allowance policy. Specifically:

  • Alicost ferries allow 1 piece of luggage of 50x35x20 cm and a maximum weight of no more than 9 kg.
  • Alilauro Gruson allows you to carry 1 piece of luggage with maximum dimensions of 50x30x15 cm and maximum weight of 10 kg (on ferries) or 5 kg (on high-speed vessels).

Bear in mind that an extra fee applies for any extra luggage or luggage exceeding the indicated dimensions.


Due to the short duration of the trip, Capri - Procida ferries do not have cabins.

Pet travel

Pets are welcome on ferries traveling to Procida from Capri. Therefore, you can safely travel with your pet, which must be included in the booking.

As pet policies and amenities may vary, make sure to contact the company you’re traveling with for additional information.

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