Ferry from Brindisi to Sarandë

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Sarandë, a beautiful town on the Ionian Coast of Albania, is seasonally reachable by ferry from Brindisi, Italy. You can find detailed information about Brindisi - Sarandë ferries below, compare connections and plan your Italy - Albania ferry trip online on Ferryhopper!

Ferry schedules from Brindisi to Sarandë

Brindisi Sarandë Trip frequency: 2 days per week First trip: 12:00 Last trip: 23:59 Average duration: 6h 45m Price range: 85.00 € - 140.00 €
Sarandë Brindisi Trip frequency: Once per week First trip: 12:00 Last trip: 22:30 Average duration: 8h Price range: 85.00 € - 140.00 €
Ferry companies STAR LINES

Is there a ferry from Brindisi to Sarandë?

Yes, you can catch a ferry from Brindisi to Sarandë from late July to early September, with 1 weekly crossing. The ferry route is primarily operated by the company Star Lines.

As the route is seasonal the available 2024 Brindisi - Sarandë ferry schedules are limited in availability, you can book your ferry tickets online on Ferryhoppper in record time.

What’s the ferry schedule from Brindisi to Sarandë

Once a week (either on Monday or Tuesday), you can catch a direct Brindisi - Sarandë ferry from late July to early September.

Most ferry schedules to Sarandë from Italy are at noon, while you can also find some departures around midnight.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much is the ferry from Brindisi to Sarandë?

Ferry tickets from Brindisi to Sarandë start at €85 per passenger, with the final cost depending on the availability of discounts/offers, vehicle selection and the type of seat/cabin.


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You can find age-based discounts for the Brindisi - Sarandë ferry route throughout the year. Specifically, toddlers and children up to the age of 3 travel for free, while children aged 4-12 are entitled to a 50% discount.

Ferry Route Info

How long is the ferry ride from Brindisi to Sarandë?

Depending on the schedule, the ferry trip to Sarandë from Brindisi lasts around 6.5-7 hr on average.

Is there a high-speed ferry from Brindisi to Sarandë?

The ferries traveling to Sarandë are primarily conventional, with a large passenger and vehicle capacity. The fastest crossing to Sarandë lasts 6.5 hr.

What’s the distance between Brindisi and Sarandë?

The distance between the Italian port of Brindisi and the Albanian port of Sarandë is around 103 nautical miles (or about 190 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Useful tips for your ferry trip to Sarandë from Brindisi

As you plan your ferry trip to Sarandë, consider checking the following top travel tips:

  • The port of Brindisi is one of the busiest in mainland Italy, thanks to its international connections. Make sure to get there well in advance to avoid any potential delays or overcrowding.
  • Discover here all the different ways of traveling between Brindisi and Albania by ferry.
  • Sarandë is also reachable from the Greek island of Corfu! Learn all about the Corfu - Sarandë ferry route here.

Where to take the ferry from Brindisi to Sarandë

Ferries to Sarandë in Albania depart from the Italian port of Brindisi and specifically from the west quay of Costa Morena (Punta delle Terrare).

In the port area of Brindisi, you can find plenty of travel amenities, including shops, restaurants, coffee shops, parking lots, and a bus stop.

Can I travel on the ferry from Brindisi to Sarandë with a car?

All ferries traveling between Brindisi and Sarandë are conventional and can carry vehicles (cars, motorcycles and campers/caravans). 

As this is a popular international ferry route, consider booking your vehicle tickets well in advance and explore the hidden gems of mainland Albania at your leisure.

Ferry luggage

Ferry operators like Star Lines are rather flexible when it comes to luggage dimensions and weight. You can keep your luggage next to you or store your bags and suitcases in the designated luggage area.

Tip: each ferry company has its own baggage allowance policy. We recommend that you don’t carry more than 50 kg of luggage to avoid delays due to restricted space in the luggage area.


All ferries traveling from Brindisi to Sarandë have different kinds of seats and cabins, including cabins with multiple beds, for a more comfortable trip.

Pet travel

When it comes to traveling to Sarandë by ferry, you can bring along your pet free of charge, as long as you include it in your booking.

Make sure to bring along any necessary pet certificates and supplies for a pleasant ferry trip. For more information about the implemented pet policies and available amenities, we suggest that you contact the ferry operator before your trip.

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