Ferry from Augusta to Malta

Tickets, Prices & Schedules

Until September 2022, it was possible to reach Malta from the port of Augusta, Sicily. The line is currently suspended, but we still want to give you all the information about the route while we wait for further updates.

Ferry schedules from Augusta to Malta

Is there a ferry from Augusta to Malta?

There is currently no active ferry route to Malta from Augusta.

From May to September 2022, the route was operated by Ponte Ferries with 5 departures per week to the port of Valletta.

Currently, the only way to travel by ferry from Italy to Malta is through the port of Pozzallo, in the province of Ragusa. Take a look at the Pozzallo - Malta ferry route and plan your trip in just a few clicks!

What was the ferry schedule from Augusta to Malta?

The ferry to Malta from Augusta used to leave at 16:00 to reach the port of Valletta around 19:30. Some days of the week, however, the departure was scheduled for 20:00.

Ferry Tickets, Offers & Discounts

How much was the ferry from Augusta to Malta?

The price of a single ticket from Augusta to Malta was around €20. However, the price depends on available discounts and offers, and vehicle transportation.


As soon as the Augusta - Malta route opened, Ponte Ferries offered a limited number of tickets to travel for only €9.99. On the other hand, passengers booking a round-trip with a vehicle could enjoy an offer for less than €100.


On the ferries traveling from Augusta to Malta, children up to 13 years old and pets traveled for free, and it was also possible to bring a bicycle on board without extra fees. There were also special rates for motorcycles and light vehicles.

Ferry Route Info

How long was the ferry ride from Augusta to Malta?

The ferry trip from Augusta to Malta used to take about 3 hr 30 min.

Was there a high-speed ferry from Augusta to Malta?

The ferry route from Augusta to Malta was operated by the high speed ferry HSC Artemis, that had a capacity of up to 600 passengers and had 2 car decks.

What is the distance between Augusta and Malta?

The distance between the port of Augusta in Sicily and Malta is approximately 143 nautical miles (264 km).

Ferry Trip Tips

Where to take the ferry from Augusta to Malta?

Ferries to Malta used to depart from the port of Augusta.

The port is located in a beautiful natural inlet and is close to the city center. The nearest airport to Augusta is Catania Airport, about 42 km away and connected by shuttle buses to the town.

Was it possible to travel on the ferry from Augusta to Malta with a car?

Yes, the ferries that used to connect Augusta and Malta had car decks.

Ferry Luggage

The company Ponte Ferries had no limit on the number of luggage per passenger allowed on board. It was possible to keep one hand luggage during the trip while and put the rest of your items in a designated storage area on the ship.


The ferries traveling from Augusta to Malta did not have cabins, only seats included in the ticket. For a more comfortable crossing, passengers could choose different types of seats, like "Plus," "Premium," or "Exclusive" options.

Pet travel

You could travel with your pet for free on the ferries from Augusta to Malta.

All you had to do was to include it in your reservation. On board, a crew member would accompany you to the pet-friendly area.

Where can I book cheap ferry tickets from Augusta to Malta?

Currently, it's not possible to book tickets from Italy to Malta on Ferryhopper. In the meantime, you can check out our Map of ferries to find all the other routes available for the Mediterranean.