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General info

Triton Ferries is a Greek ferry company based in Piraeus. The company's goal is to provide high quality ferry transportation services for passengers, trucks and private vehicles in the Greek domestic market.

Destinations & ferry itineraries

Triton Ferries operates on ferry routes between Neapoli, Kythira, Antikythira, Lavrio, Kea, and Kythnos

A few indicative ferry routes served by Triton Ferries are:

  • Kea - Lavrio
  • Lavrio - Kythnos 
  • Neapoli - Kythira
  • Antikythira - Kythira

Triton Ferries fleet & ships 

The company’s fleet consists of 2 vessels: F/B Porfyrousa, which operates on the route between Neapoli – Kythira and Antikythira, and F/B Ionis, which services the route between Lavrio port (in Attica) – Kea and Kythnos.

Traveling by ferry with Triton Ferries is a relaxing experience. Both F/B Porfyrousa and F/B Ionis have many modern facilities that ensure comfortable travel for passengers, such as snack bars, spacious lounge areas and restrooms. 

Triton Ferries: Discounts & Offers

The ferry company Triton Ferries offers special discounts for specific passenger categories, including:

  • Children
  • Infants
  • Members of large families
  • Retirees from the P.S.F. (Panhellenic Seamen's Federation – NAT)
  • Students of Greek public universities
  • People with disabilities & their attendants
  • Large group of travelers
  • Triton miles club members

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Triton Ferries special amenities & facilities

On Triton Ferries pets are allowed to travel free of charge at the outside deck areas of the vessels as long as they are on a leash and wear a muzzle. 

Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas. Make sure you have your pet's health booklet with you, if requested.

In addition, the company supports the possibility of issuing electronic tickets (e-tickets). This way, boarding is done through online check-in, as there is no need for a physical ticket.

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Luggage allowance

You are allowed to bring 2 bags for free.

Vessel 1 vessel
Destinations 6 destinations
Traveler 1k ferryhoppers

Popular ferry routes

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Full fare
Full fare with no discount
Child (5-10)
Discount for children aged 5-10 years
Infant (0-4)
Discount for children aged 0-4 years
Large Family (Greek citizens)
Discount for families with 4+ children (Greek certificate required)
Student (Greek university)
Discount for students of Greek universities

Ferries - Triton Ferries

Vessel type: Open deck Length: 96m
Passenger capacity: 775 Vehicle capacity: 138
Onboard facilities
Wi-Fi is not available on board The ferry does not have a restaurant Snacks and beverages are available for purchase Pets are allowed to travel on the ferry
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