Travelmar: Ferries, Tickets & Info

General info

Travelmar is an Italian ferry company founded in 1998. The company's goal is to allow passengers to travel between the city of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast with comfort and safety.

Destinations & ferry itineraries

Travelmar operates seasonal connections between Positano, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, Cetara, Vietri sul Mare, and Salerno

A few indicative ferry routes served by Travelmar are:

  • Amalfi - Positano
  • Salerno - Amalfi
  • Amalfi - Cetara
  • Maiori - Salerno
  • Salerno - Vietri sul Mare

Travelmar fleet & ships 

The company’s fleet consists of 7 ferriesVega I, Antares, SiriusAcquarius, Polaris, Uragano 90, and Alcor. 

The largest, Vega 1 and Sirius, have a capacity of 540 passengers. Despite being a little smaller, on the other ferries you will also be able to find sleekly designed spaces with spacious sun decks and comfortable seating areas.

Moreover, Travelmar’s Vega I and Sirius are eco vessels with a special engine system that reduces the emission of pollution gas, contributing to eco travel practices.

Keep in mind that all ferries carry only passengers.

Travelmar: Discounts & Offers

The ferry company Travelmar offers special discounts for specific passenger categories, including:  

  • Children up to the age of 10      
  • Toddlers
  • Large groups of travelers 

Useful info: keep in mind that on Travelmar ferries, children up to 2 years old travel for free.

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Travelmar special amenities & facilities

On Travelmar ferries, dogs, cats and other small pets are allowed on payment of the specific indicated fare. Pets are allowed at the outside deck areas of the vessels as long as they wear muzzles and be kept on leash.

Either way, pets are not allowed in public areas reserved to passengers with the exception of guide dogs. Make sure you have your pet's health booklet with you, if requested.

In addition, the company supports the possibility of issuing electronic tickets (e-tickets). This way, boarding is done through online check-in, as there is no need for a physical ticket.

Here, you can find all Travelmar ferry routes and schedules. Compare prices with other ferry companies and book the cheapest Travelmar ferry tickets with just a few clicks

Popular ferry routes

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Full fare
Full fare with no discount
Child (3-10)
Discount for children aged 3-10 years

Ferries - Travelmar

Terms & cancellation policy

TRA.VEL.MAR. S.r.l., from now on reported as “the Company” , takes responsibility for transporting passengers, their luggage according to following “Regulation for Transport”. These conditions are considered to be known and accepted in full by any person holding a ticket issued by the Company. This “Regulation for Transport” is available to everyone at any ticket office or administration office of the Company and on board of each Company’s ship. Fares, Timetables, Destinations and other conditions hereto reported could be subject to change in any time.

1) TICKETS AND FARES - The ticket is personal and cannot be transferred and it can only be used for the specific indicated destination. Any passenger must diligently keep the ticket to maintain his/her right to travel and he/she is due to exhibit it, on request, to any official agent or company representative.
Any ticket damaged or modified will be invalidated. If a ticket is not used on the reported date and time it cannot be anymore used and will not be refunded.
Regulation and current fares are available at any Company’s ticket office or on board of any Company’s ship. Copy for lost or stolen ticket cannot be reissued.

Children: Children younger than 3 years old will be transported free of charge with no right to individual seat; if they want to be individually seated relevant fares shall be applied. Children from 2 to 10 years old will pay a “Children fare”. Children older than 10 will pay as adults.
Child age must be communicated before the ticket issue. Children under 10 must be under supervision of their parents or any adult who has their custody and they are not allowed to walk around the ship alone. The Company cannot be liable for any accident or damage occurred because of ignorance of above rules.

Reductions: The passenger entitled to a fare reduction must request it before the issuing of the tickets, showing the relevant documentation.

Checking of tickets on board: The Company reserves the right to check passengers’ tickets during the navigation using designated inspectors or crew members. Passengers travelling without ticket, who did not previously informed the Captain or other crew member will be fined for the amount of full price ticket increased by 100%.

2) TICKETS - Passengers that bought the tickets online or in possession of a round trip ticket must show up at the ticket office 15 minutes before the departure time. The passengers in possession of a round trip ticket must, in order to find seats available on board, reserve the tickets at least two hours before the chosen departure time.

3) INVOICES - Tickets are not valid as invoices. Passenger who need the invoice must specifically request for it at the moment of the ticket purchase and must provide his/her personal and fiscal data as per Art.22 of DPR 633 (26/10/72) and following variation.

4) LUGGAGE - The Company considers as“Luggage”: Suitcases, Travel bags, Rucksacks and similar containing personal effects carried on board by passengers
Each passenger is allowed to carry on board one bag of cm 45x35x20. For each exceeding luggage it will be asked to pay the luggage fare.
Payment of luggage ticket is intended only for transport of it. Loading, offloading, storage and custody during navigation is under complete responsibility of passenger. Luggage of any sort cannot be placed on the seats or in any other position which might create disturbance or obstruction to other passengers. Any luggage that does not contain the passenger’s personal effects, especially if big sized, will only be loaded on board if there is enough space available, on condition that it will not cause technical problem or health hazard and will be subject to irrevocable decision of responsible personnel on board.
Passenger who brings on board dangerous materials or illicit goods , or any substance which can be a threat for health or not in conformity with any Health regulation will be considered by the Company liable for damages and payment of eventual fines.
The Company cannot be considered responsible for the loss of valuables goods, jewels, money or any other object left unattended in any public area on board the ship. The passenger will be responsible to prove the value of the good lost and that the loss occurred on board during the navigation.

5) DOGS,CATS AND OTHER PETS - Excluding specific legislation requirements, it is allowed to bring on board along with passengers dogs, cats and other small pets on payment of the specific indicated fare.
Animals are not permitted in public areas reserved to passengers with exclusion of dogs accompanying blind people. All dogs must wear muzzle and be kept on leash. Cats and other small pets shall be kept in cages or baskets under supervision of their owners. Food for them is at owner’s care. 

6) ARMS AND DANGEROUS GOODS - It is strictly forbidden to carry on board of the ship any knife or firearm, ammunitions, explosives, fuels or any sort of dangerous or health hazardous material.

7) ON BORD REGULATION, ANNOUNCEMENTS, PUBLIC NOTICES - Since the boarding untill disembarkation every passenger must follow instructions given by the crew members or according to public notices. All passengers should remain seated during navigation and during berthing/unberthing operations. Passengers must behave in a way to insure safety of navigation.

8) PASSENGERS OBLIGATIONS - The passenger will be liable for any damage caused to the ship or to the ship’s personnel or to other passengers, by him/her, his/her property or his/her animal. The passenger that causes damages is liable for the payment of a fine and/or extra costs that the Company will have to pay for any repairs.

In case the company fails to provide the service, the passenger that intends to travel again can, within 7 days after the travel cancellation, contact the company for the issue of the new ticket. No additional price will be charged for the new ticket issue.
https://www.travelmar.itThe passenger that prefers the refund of the ticket must send the refund request to the company with a copy of the ticket or the reservation attached, within 7 days after the travel cancellation. Link to Refund request form.

Tickets bought online on the website can be cancelled until 48 hours before the date of departure, without penalty.
For the refund of the ticket the passenger must send the formal refund request as explained in the previous paragraph.
The company will refund the tickets minus the bank fees, within 40 days after the receiving of the refund request.

10) PROHIBITIONS - Passengers are not allowed to carry in their luggage or inflammable or dangerous goods as well goods which are not permitted by law , forbidden by Government rules or subject to payment of postal tax.
It is also forbidden to bring into common public areas on board of ship any material, that could create trouble to other passengers. All passengers cannot lay over seats or open/close windows without permission of the crew members.
Passengers not adhering to above rules can be prosecuted by relevant authorities and by the Company. The Company is entitled to ask for damages refund or payment of related fines.
Passengers are liable to pay for damages caused to the ship or its furniture.

11) BOARDING - At the boarding every passenger must exhibit valid ticket or documentation proving his right to benefit of special fares to crew personnel for the appropriate controls.

12) DESTINATIONS AND DEPARTURE TIMES - Departure and arrival time of ship and its destination can be changed without previous notice for technical reasons. The Company reserves the right to cancel, change in full or partially any scheduled trip for unpredictable reasons.
If for technical reasons the itinerary will have to be modified,passengers will be disembarked at the new destination and will not be entitled to the refund or any compensation. It is passenger’s care to ask confirmation of departure time and destination in advance at the relevant ticket office in order to verify before departure time that no variation occurred on the scheduled programme. In case the variation will not suite the passenger’s need, he is entitled to ask to be rebooked on the next available departure serviced by the company or to be refunded the ticket in full. The refund must be done by the same ticket office that issued the ticket. The passenger will not be entitle to any other compensation but the ticket price.

13) RESPONSABILITY - Transport of passengers and their baggage is at their own risk. The Company declines any responsability for damages to people, things and for car or baggage robbery.
The Company does not take any responsibility for extra expenses due to delay or cancellation of departure for technical reason , mechanical breakdowns on its ships or for any other reason beyond its control like outbreaks, adverse atmospheric conditions, strikes, quarantine wars or act of God.
Departure time, fares and travelling conditions can be modified without notice.

14) COMPLAINS- ACCIDENT REPORTING - Complaints and refund requests, must be notified to the Company Tra.Vel.Mar via e-mail and using the form as per article 9. The Company only is in charge of the management of the refunds. Accidents or damages suffered by people or things must be reported immediately to board officials on the ship where they occurred.

15) BOARD NOTICES AND VARIATIONS OF REGULATION AND FARES - Present Regulation will be exposed in public areas on board of ships and outside any ticket office.

16) FURTHER ADDITION VARIATION OF REGULATION SHEET - The Company reserves the right to make addition or changes at any moment in time to the present regulation. All communication related to eventual change or addition will be exposed in ticket offices and Administration offices and as well on board of each ship. Changes and Addition will be effective immediately since date of notice.

17) ARBITRATION - For any dispute rising on interpretation or execution of this Transporting Contract, passengers accept Italian Jurisdiction and the court responsible ad forum. The Company reserves right to move the case to any other competent forum in Italy or abroad.