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General info

Atlânticoline is a ferry company that was founded in 2005 by the government of the Azores in the mid-Atlantic. In the years that followed, Atlânticoline established a network of ferry connections between the main Azores islands

Today, its main purpose is to offer safe, convenient and quick ways of traveling across the archipelago by ferry.

Atlânticoline ferry routes

There are 6 main ferry routes operated by Atlânticoline, some of which include stops in several Azores islands. Specifically:

  • Faial - Pico
  • Faial - Pico - São Jorge
  • Corvo - Flores
  • Faial - Pico - São Jorge - Graciosa - Terceira
  • Faial - Pico - São Jorge - Terceira
  • Pico - Sâo Jorge

As some routes are year-round while others are seasonal, you can find all Atlânticoline ferry routes on Ferryhopper and plan your trip across the Azores islands hassle-free.

Atlânticoline fleet & ships

The fleet of Atlânticoline includes 5 conventional, single-hull ferries: Mestre Jaime Feijó, Ariel, Gilberto Mariano, Cruzeiro do Canal, and Cruzeiro das Ilhas. Two of the fleet’s larger ferries also allow the transport of motor vehicles among the Azores islands.

Atlânticoline discounts & offers

Different passenger categories, such as toddlers, children, people with disabilities and groups of travelers, are entitled to discount tickets when traveling with Atlânticoline. Offers and discounts may vary depending on the Azorean ferry route.

Atlânticoline special amenities & facilities

Traveling with Atlânticoline is nothing but smooth sailing. You can expect modern, top-tier amenities, flexible luggage policies and the option to travel with your pet

There is also personalized assistance for people with disabilities who travel with Atlânticoline, provided that the company has been notified prior to the trip.

You can find all Atlânticoline ferry connections on Ferryhopper, compare prices, schedules and available services, and book your ferry tickets without any hidden fees!

Popular ferry routes

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Discount for people aged 65 years and over

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