Ferry Travel & Covid-19

This page includes useful information on the requirements for boarding, the regulations and safety measures applied to ferry trips in the Covid-19 era.

Apart from your ticket in a printed or e-ticket format, you should always have your ID card, passport, or any other identity document with you, especially on international ferry routes. Please note that for some regions and depending on the period of stay, you may additionally need a Visa. Always check your destination's official government website and our blog for further information. You may be asked to present the document to the ferry crew or port authority to confirm that you are the legal ticket holder.

If you have purchased discounted ferry tickets, you will be required to provide a document confirming that you are eligible for the specific discount (e.g. student card, ISIC card, etc.). For more information please visit our 'Discounts' page.

It depends on the port you are leaving from. Some major ports (e.g. Piraeus, Naples, Valencia, etc.) are quite big. This means you may have to walk for up to 30 minutes to get from the port entrance to the departure gate.
Arriving early enough means that you won't have to worry about missing your ferry. This is why we usually advise all travelers to arrive at the port at least 1 hour in advance, regardless of whether they have collected their paper tickets or checked in online, especially if you are traveling with your vehicle.

We would also advise you to check what gate your ferry departs from, where the gate is located and what is the estimated time needed to board at the specific port. Gate information is available at the port.
Please make sure that you allow enough time for check-in and other procedures, particularly on international ferry routes. It is important to note that if you arrive late for check-in or boarding, you may not be allowed to travel. In this case, you will most likely not get a refund.

If you arrive early at the port, you will most likely be allowed to board and you will have the opportunity to explore the ferry, find comfortable seats and spend some time relaxing on-board before departure!

Ferryhopper provides online ferry booking. Every request is served electronically, however, in special cases, you can visit the Ferryhopper physical office (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 & Saturday 10:00-15:00 | Thessalonikis 147, Moschato 183 46, Athens, Greece).

These cases are:

  • In case the customer requested a ticket change, the new paper coupon must be reissued
  • In case the customer requested a ticket change but has already issued a paper coupon, they need to visit our office for the change process.
  • In case the customer requested a ticket cancellation, but paper coupons have already been collected.
  • In any other case that has been confirmed and the ticket has been issued by the customer service team.

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