Dalmatia, Croatia

The magnificent Croatian island of Hvar is a perfect holiday destination in the Adriatic Sea. Filled with both rocky formations and dense greenery, Hvar is home to beautiful natural wonders, impressive seaside cities and unique walks through historical locations.

Learn all about holidays in Hvar on Ferryhopper, including all the things to do and see on the Croatian island. Discover how to plan the trip of a lifetime and book Hvar ferry tickets hassle-free!

Pebble beach in Hvar, surrounded by pine trees

The thriving natural beauty of Hvar in Croatia

Holidays in Hvar

Hvar is the sunniest island in Croatia, turning it into a stunning year-round seaside paradise. It’s perfect for nature lovers and history enthusiasts, providing a harmonious mix of sightseeing and outdoor activities.

As it has a rich history that combines many different cultural elements, Hvar has a lot to offer when it comes to its architecture, culture and, most importantly, food!

Plan an exciting day trip to Hvar from Split in mainland Croatia or spend a whole weekend here! To take your trip to the next level, you can even plan an island-hopping excursion to the rest of the Croatian islands. Whatever your choice, you can expect a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.

How to get to Hvar

Getting to Hvar in Croatia is possible only by ferry. What better way to get in the right mood for holidays in the Adriatic Sea than by taking the ferry?

You can reach the island of Hvar from 3 mainland ports of Croatia: Split, Dubrovnik and Drvenik. You can also get to Hvar from many neighboring Croatian islands, such as Brač, Mljet and Korčula. For more information regarding ferries to Hvar, check out our relevant section below.

What to do in Hvar

There’s an abundance of things to do in Hvar: walk through the popular fields of lavender, dive in crystal-clear waters and visit historical and cultural wonders.

Become one with the island’s vibrant life, try out its local sweets and unique wine varieties, and plan a boat trip to the neighboring Pakleni Islands with their picturesque shapes and green landscapes.

Don’t know where to start? No worries, the team of Ferryhopper has it all covered. Continue reading and discover the best of Hvar, including its top beaches and entertainment options.

Lavender fields on the island of Hvar, with views of the Adriatic Sea in the back

Endless fields of lavender in Hvar

Beaches in Hvar

From pebbly swimming spots to long sandy stretches, most beaches in Hvar are known for their natural beauty, lush greenery and otherworldliness. Some of the best beaches in Hvar are:

  • Mekicevica Beach: just 2.5 km from Hvar Town, this beach is perfect for sunbathing. It consists of 2 smaller beaches, with a restaurant within walking distance.
  • Banj Beach: you can reach this beach on foot from the town of Stari Grad. It is the perfect swimming spot for people with disabilities and families with children, providing an accessible swimming experience. Here, you can find all essential visitor amenities.
  • Maslinica Beach: this is a beautiful beach just 2 km from the port of Stari Grad. It is easily accessible by car and is engulfed by thick greenery.
  • Zaraće Beach: under the old village of the same name, you can find a large pebble beach that’s rather popular among thrill-seekers who wish to explore the underwater beauty of Hvar.
  • Grebišće Beach: located in the center of Hvar’s north coast, it’s a beautiful sandy stretch that consists of 2 bays. Nearby, you can also find serviced camping grounds.

Sightseeing and activities in Hvar

Hvar blends history, culture and nature exploration all in one place, offering you an endless list of things to do and see on the island. Some of our favorites sightseeing options in Hvar include:

  • The beautiful Cathedral of St. Stephen, found in the large square of Hvar’s Piazza
  • The historic theater of Hvar, one of the oldest in Europe and located in the famous building of Arsenal
  • Franciscan Monastery, where you can find beautiful exhibitions and Greek, Roman and Venetian collections
  • Fortica, the imposing medieval castle towering over the seafront of Hvar Town and offering panoramic views
  • Trg Sv Stjepana, one of the oldest squares in Dalmatia, with many architectural highlights and spots for snacks and drinks

Hvar does not limit itself to sightseeing, as you can also try out several outdoor activities during your stay. Key examples include:

  • Walk through Hvar’s popular lavender fields. Keep in mind that this is a seasonal activity, usually from late May to mid-July.
  • Organize a boat trip to Jerolim, the nearest of the Pakleni Islands to Hvar and an entirely clothing-optional location.
  • Visit the stunningly beautiful Blue Cave of Hvar.
  • Let the Diving Center Viking take you on unforgettable underwater adventures.

Nightlife in Hvar

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to nightlife in Hvar. As the sun meets the horizon, numerous seaside restaurant bars, cocktail hotspots and even dance clubs come to life.

Whether you’re in the mood for refreshing Croatian wine at the bar of Tri Pršuta or hitting the dance floor at the awarded nightclub of Veneranda, nights in Hvar are for everyone!

Night view of Hvar's seafront in Croatia

Vibrant moments under the night sky in Hvar

Food in Hvar

Mediterranean and Dalmatian influences go hand in hand when it comes to the mouthwatering cuisine of Hvar. Full of fresh products, herbs, spices and unique flavors, Hvar is a must-visit destination in Croatia for foodies. The team of Ferryhopper highly recommends the following:

  • Paprenjak (traditional biscuits with honey and black pepper)
  • Goat cheese with herbs and olive oil
  • Prč wine (a unique white variety of Hvar)
  • Dalmatian peka (a famous blend of vegetables and meat)
  • Gregada (Croatian white fish with peeled potatoes)
  • Rožata (traditional dessert)

Useful information for Hvar

Hvar has everything you might need for perfect holidays in the Adriatic Sea. And if at any point you feel like going back, mainland Croatia is just 2-3 hours away.

Now, you may be wondering about where to stay in Hvar. The most convenient, popular and vivid holiday places in Hvar are Hvar Town and Stari Grad. Both towns have ferry ports and offer countless entertainment and accommodation options

There, you can also find essential visitor amenities, such as shops and rental services. For medical services, such as emergency clinics and pharmacies, Hvar Town is a more convenient location.

Alternatively, you can stay in one of Hvar’s old villages and seaside campsites, which make for calmer holiday destinations but may not provide all the abovementioned services.

Tip: since the beginning of 2023, the official currency of Croatia is the euro, replacing the Croatian kuna.

View of Hvar's seafront with its historic fort at the very top

Lush greenery and architectural beauties in Hvar

Important phone numbers for your stay in Hvar

Take a look at some phone numbers that may prove handy during your stay in Hvar:

  • Hvar Port Authority: +38521717282
  • Police: +38521741100
  • Fire department: +38521765126
  • Čazmatrans – Nova (for buses in Hvar): +38521765904
  • European emergency number: 112

Transportation in Hvar

When staying in the major town of Hvar, getting around vehicle-free is nothing but smooth sailing. For off-the-beaten-path exploration, however, you can opt for a car or a scooter. There are rental services available in central points of interest.

Alternatively, you can move around by taxi, which is a great option for getting to the port well in advance, or by bus. In Hvar, the bus network is operated by Čazmatrans – Nova.

Fun fact: a popular way of getting around the island of Hvar is at the wheel of a vintage beetle!

Ports in Hvar

In total, there are 4 ferry ports in Hvar: Stari Grad, Hvar, Jelsa and Sućuraj. You can easily travel among them by car, taxi or bus, though the latter is not always synced with the ferry departures.

The port in the main town of Hvar is the most popular point of arrival on the island and provides travelers with numerous opportunities for island hopping. Stari Grad, another major town in Hvar, is the main ferry port for vehicle transportation. As such, passengers who wish to bring along their car to Hvar should plan a ferry trip to Stari Grad.

The other two ports, Jelsa and Sućuraj, are less popular options for traveling to Hvar. Still, they are great for off-the-beaten-path trips with high-speed catamarans.

Island hopping from Hvar

Travelers who choose to travel to Hvar are spoiled for choice when it comes to island-hopping opportunities. Just a glance at our interactive Map of ferries is enough to show you the numerous islands you can visit from Hvar by ferry!

Apart from boat trips to the small neighboring Pakleni Islands, you can also travel to Brač, Mljet and Korčula, Vis and Lastovo by ferry.

Tip: when planning your ferry trip between the Croatian islands, keep in mind that for some routes, ferry frequency and availability may vary depending on the season and the weather conditions.

Hvar ferry: schedules and tickets

You can easily travel to Hvar by ferry from three ports in mainland Croatia: Split, Dubrovnik and Drvenik. Specifically:

  • Split - Hvar ferry: you can catch a ferry from Split to Hvar with 1 daily sailing in the low season and up to 20 daily departures in the summer months. Split - Hvar ferry prices range from €6 to €20, with the trip lasting around 1 hour.
  • Dubrovnik - Hvar ferry: there are seasonal ferries from Dubrovnik to Hvar that make the crossing in 3.5 hours on average. Ferry ticket prices range from €38 to €45.
  • Drvenik - Hvar ferry: you can find several daily departures from Drvenik to Hvar throughout the year, with increased frequency in the summer. Ferry tickets for Hvar cost around €3, while the trip lasts around 35 minutes.

Tip: the ferry routes between Hvar and mainland Croatia are primarily operated by the following companies: Jadrolinija, TP-Line, Kapetan Luka - Krilo.

Boats at the marina of Hvar in Croatia

Glimpses of Hvar's heavenly seafront

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