20% Family & Friends discount with Aegean Sea Lines

No one will be left behind! ⛴️

Looking to plan a budget-friendly getaway to the heavenly western Cyclades with your family or your friends? If yes, Aegean Sea Lines has it all covered with its latest Family & Friends discount!

By the end of July 2024, you can book discount ferry tickets (-20%) to Kimolos, Kythnos, Sifnos, Milos and Serifos. The package even includes a comfy 4-person cabin! What are you waiting for? 

Keep reading to discover how you can book discount ferry tickets with Aegean Sea Lines on the Ferryhopper App until July 25, 2024.

View of the mountainous Chora in Serifos, Greece

The magical island of Serifos and Chora, its main settlement

20% offer with Aegean Sea Lines: all you need to know

For starters, the new Family & Friends offer of Aegean Sea Lines concerns ferry trips to the western Cyclades until 25/07/2024. No time to waste!

Now, how exactly can you take advantage of this discount? Here’s how it goes. ⤵️

The latest Aegean Sea Lines offer applies to bookings with at least 2 adult tickets for a 4-person cabin (external or internal, with or without pets). Toddlers and children up to the age of 10 are entitled to their respective discounts, while older children benefit from the 20% Aegean Sea Lines discount.

This way, you can travel with your family or friends to Sifnos, Serifos, Kimolos, Milos, and Kythnos at a better price and find comfort in the beautiful cabins of the ferry Anemos.

Important: keep in mind that this offer does not apply to the transfer of vehicles on Aegean Sea Lines ferries.

Aegean Sea Lines Family & Friends: ferry routes

Your next step is to choose your summer destination (not that you have to settle for just one, of course). With Aegean Sea Lines, you can travel by ferry from Piraeus to the western Cyclades on a budget. Specifically:

All connections are available on a daily basis (with the exception of the weekly route to Kythnos) and range from 4 hours to 6.5 hours in duration, depending on the destination.

View of a seaside village in Kimolos, Greece

Peaceful moments on the island of Kimolos

Book cheap ferry tickets with Aegean Sea Lines

Off you go for new adventures in the western Cyclades! Take a look at our interactive Map of ferries, visualize your itinerary and book cheap ferry tickets with Aegean Sea Lines on Ferryhopper until 25/07/2024.